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FOTBOLL | När fotbollstidningen When Saturday Comes fyllde 30 passade man på att fundera över hur synen på sporten förändrats över åren.

WSC April 2016 Issue 350

When Saturday Comes gave voice to a quizzical tone of protest at a time when the Conservative prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, believed football supporters were a hooligan mob, an ‘enemy within’, to be singled out for compulsory identity cards. Such is the transformation of the game’s status since that her successor, David Cameron, feels compelled to present as a fan himself, even when he can’t remember which club he says he supports.

Tidskriftsomslaget: Premiärminister David Cameron: ”We’ve got to stay in.” Englands coach Roy Hodgson: ”At least until the quarter finals.” (WSC: When Saturday Comes, nummer 350, April 2016)

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