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TYVÄRR HAR Newsweek inte på samma sätt som konkurrenten Time samlat alla sina omslag på ett och samma ställe online. The Society of Publication Designers hittade några som man tyckte var speciellt intressanta. Här är två på temat president Richard Nixon och Watergate.

Översta omslaget hamnade på American Society of Magazine Editors lista över de 40 bästa tidskriftsomslagen genom tiderna. Så här skrev man:

This July 30, 1973 magazine cover of Newsweek, entitled the The Nixon Tapes, gives an aerial view of the White House turned into a tape recorder. The article discusses how President Nixon had been secretly taping everything said in his offices and on his telephones for at least two years. The following year, the tapes were released and they proved Nixon was involved with the Watergate Scandal cover-up. In August 1974, Nixon announced his resignation and Gerald Ford became President. Ford later pardoned Nixon, immunizing him from prosecution for any crimes he may have committed as President.

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