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”Voteman” skulle få unga att gå och rösta i Europaparlamentsvalet i Danmark. Filmen godkändes av danska Folketinget.

Trots att den snabbt drogs tillbaka p.g.a. kritik hann den bli uppmärksammad långt utanför Danmark. Washington Post kallade den ”one of the more bizarre ‘get out the vote’ videos ever made”.

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USA | Här är tre favoriter bland omslagen. De sammanfattar ganska väl årets valkampanj.

I ”Defaying Gravety” i National Journal förklarade Beth Reinhard, Major Garrett och Jim Tankersley varför Barack Obamas opinionssiffror såg så bra ut trots en knackig ekonomi.

If voters have so lowered their expectations, how can they also still be hopeful? It’s easiest to explain it this way: Living in the U.S. and working in the sluggish economy over the last two years was like sitting in a lukewarm bath: The water wasn’t hot enough to be relaxing, but it wasn’t getting colder, either. Bathers got used to it. And every once in a while, the faucet dripped out a few scalding splashes that promised more comfort on the way.


The recovery, however uninspiring, is a recovery. The economy isn’t contracting. Companies aren’t shedding more workers than they hire, and the unemployment rate isn’t rising.

Enda gången det såg ut som om Mitt Romney skulle kunna ta hem segern var efter första presidentvalsdebatten. Mitt Romney vann övertygande.

Redan tidigare hade republikanska anhängare gjort sig lustiga över hur beroende presidenten var av teleprompters när han höll tal.

Philip Rucker på Washington Post skrev så här redan i oktober:

Picking up on a theme that has been rippling through GOP circles for two years, Republican presidential candidates are trying to use President Obama’s reliance on teleprompters to deflate one of his biggest strengths — his oratorical skill.

[N]ow, Obama’s speechmaking is constant fodder for conservative radio, cable news and Internet outlets. On Tuesday, after someone took a truck in Virginia containing some of the most symbolic objects of the presidency, including the lectern and seal, it was the teleprompter that the conservative Web site Drudge Report zeroed in on: “SPEECHLESS: OBAMA’S TELEPROMPTER STOLEN!”

Obamas föga imponerande insats under i debatten spädde på bilden av att kejsaren var naken.

Eller som man lite ironiskt skrev i konservativa National Review: “We don’t know why everyone is being so hard on Obama’s debate performance. He did fine. Carry on, Mr. President!”

Men ingenting hjälpte. Obama vann och omslaget på konservativa The Weekly Standard säger allt om hur republikanerna kände sig på valnatten.

Bild: National Journal den 29 september 2012, National Review den 29 oktober 2012 och The Weekly Standard den 19 november 2012.

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TRAILER | TV-serien “Scandal”, om krishanteraren Olivia Pope i Washington, har premiär på Kanal 5 på onsdag.

Huvudpersonen är baserad på Judy Smith som tidigare var pressekreterare hos president George H. W. Bush.

I dag jobbar hon som professionell krishanterare på den egna firman Smith & Co. BP Oil och Monica Lewinsky (Bill Clintons favoritintern i Vita huset) har varit klienter hos henne.

När Annie Groer intervjuar henne i Washington Post svarar hon bl.a. på en fråga om skillnaderna mellan män och kvinnors benägenhet att hamna i skandaler.

Why does it seem that men screw up more than women?

While women are certainly in substantial positions of power, that number is still lower compared to men, so I think that probably has something to do with it. I have more high-profile men involved in cases concerning allegations of sex … Women are more inclined to weigh consequences. Women are smarter about it.  Over the years, beginning with Gary Hart, we have seen politicians get into trouble in this area and we have seen the ‘stand by your man’ wife go away over time.

Mer: Lyssna på en intervju med Smith på radio NPR. Och läs Patrick Gavins “Judy Smith’s crisis management at heart of ‘Scandal’Politico.

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USA | Kommer de många negativa utspelen från Barack Obama och Mitt Romney entusiasmera fler väljare än man riskerar stöta bort?

Den negativa framtoningen är ett vågspel för båda kampanjerna.

Carol E. Lee, The Wall Street Journal, skriver:

For both sides, the harsh rhetoric may actually serve a useful purpose this year. The 2012 vote figures to be a close one in which energizing the base of each party is the top priority, because there are so few undecided voters up for grabs this year. Tough campaign talk tends to fire up a party’s core.

But for Mr. Obama, the tone could damage his political brand of optimism that had appeal across the political spectrum in 2008. For Mr. Romney, the negativity distracts from his message on the economy, which polls show as Mr. Obama’s biggest vulnerability.

Neither side shows any signs of curtailing the negativity. The Obama campaign is planning an onslaught of attacks based on the budget crafted by Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican vice-presidential candidate. The Romney campaign is running tough ads that accuse Mr. Obama of letting welfare recipients off the hook on requirements that they seek work. Each side is bitterly protesting the other’s ads.


One effect of such early negativity is that both candidates figure to be battered by November, and voters could become fatigued earlier. And that could reduce even further the number of swing voters participating on election day—and increase even further the importance of turning out each party’s base.


The negative strategy for each campaign has become clearer in recent days.

The Obama campaign decided more than a year ago to define Mr. Romney early, on its terms, in an attempt to make the election at least in part a referendum on him and his business record rather than what most re-election campaigns tend to be, which is a referendum on the incumbent. The result has been a negative message designed to raise doubts about whether Mr. Romney is trustworthy and stump speeches where the president takes on his opponent by name.

Mr. Romney’s campaign is seeking to drive up negative views of Mr. Obama, who remains personally fairly popular even as ratings of his job performance have stagnated. The campaign, seeing a potential vulnerability for Mr. Obama on the issue, has recently launched ads criticizing Mr. Obama for not fulfilling his promise in 2008 to bring a more civil tone to politics. Mr. Romney repeatedly said Mr. Obama doesn’t understand America.

Och Washington Post skriver Amy Gardner bl.a. om hur valet av Paul Ryan till Romneys vicepresidentkandidat har påverkat Obamas valstrategi.

Over three days and a dozen stops across this battleground state this week, Obama offered a road map of how he will appeal to the moderate and independent voters who will help decide the 2012 election.

He talked about the usual subjects of taxes and preserving the government investments, such as education aid, that help the middle class. But he also cast himself as the one who better understands — and has actually lived — the plight of such voters.


Ryan’s entrance into the race Saturday has emboldened Obama to intensify the contrast. Ryan is the “ideological leader” of the House Republicans, the president said — the author of a GOP budget proposal that would make deep cuts in federal programs and grant $5 trillion in tax breaks, much of which would go to wealthy Americans.

“He is an articulate spokesman for Governor Romney’s vision,” Obama said of Ryan in Dubuque. “I just happen to fundamentally disagree with his vision. My opponent and his friends in Congress, they believe that if you just get rid of more regulations on big corporations and big banks, and then you give more tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans, that that will automatically lead to jobs and prosperity for ordinary families. And I’m not exaggerating here, that’s their basic economic plan.”

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IMAGE | Mitt Romney lyckades inte vinna alla valen under SupertisdagenDet var Rick Santorums nya stil som satte käppar i hjulet för Romney.

Sandhya Somashekhar skrev redan om Santorums nya strategi i Washington Post den 12 februari.

In the opening weeks of the Republican presidential race, Rick Santorum came across as a prickly, exasperated figure on the fringe of the debate stage, spending much of his airtime complaining about the lack of attention from the moderators.

But Santorum gradually has taken on a different image, one of a confident, good-natured and almost fatherly presence on the campaign trail who has shrewdly taken advantage of the shifting political landscape.

While his rivals attacked one another in the media glare, Santorum’s campaign has followed a carefully calibrated strategy to leverage his status below the radar.

Hearing from voters that Santorum’s electability was an issue, his advisers honed his message and focused his attention on a handful of states where he could win.


Santorum’s embrace of social issues has been a stealth benefit in the primary because those issues galvanize grass-roots voters, said Ralph E. Reed Jr., a longtime Republican operative and founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

“The upper echelon of the party, the givers and bundlers, tend to be Chamber of Commerce Republicans. But the grass roots of the party, they’re primarily driven by cultural and social issues,” Reed said. “The message and the raison d’etre of the Santorum candidacy could be summed up in one sentence: The way to have a strong economy is to have strong marriages and families.”

Bild: Ett urklipp från Chicago Tribune den 11 mars 2012 med anledning av Santorums seger i Kansas under lördagen.

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MANIPULERING: BP är uppenbart ett företag som bestämt sig för att göra allting fel. Nu avslöjas återigen att BP använt sig av fejkade bilder i PR syfte.

Företaget som lägger ner miljoner kronor på PR, lobbyister och kommunikationstjänster ägnar sig åt att manipulera bilder. Och inte nog med det man klarar inte ens av att göra det på ett snyggt och trovärdigt sätt.

En av bilderna är en interiörbild av en helikopter. Sofia Ström på Svenska Dagbladet skriver;

Genom vindrutan ser man hur båtar arbetar med att samla ihop och bränna olja.

Problemet är att i takfönstret speglas – ett kontrolltorn.

Bildtexten lyder ”vy över platsen MC 252 från cockpit i en PHI S-92 helikopter den 25 juni 2010”.

Tittar man närmare på vattnet i bilden så byter det plötsligt färg. Och inte nog med det. På samma ställe har ett halvt fartyg suddats bort.

Den uppmärksamme kan även se att kontrollerna på instrumentbrädan verkar indikera att dörren och rampen är öppen och parkeringsbromsen i. Dessutom håller piloten i ett papper som verkar vara ett checklista som ska gås igenom innan flygning. 

Vid en av piloternas axelkontur syns även vita fläckar som tyder på att han klippts in i bilden.

På sajten Gizmodo kan man se hur bilderna har manipulerats. Brian Barrett skriver;

[E]very time they fabricate an image like this, it undermines whatever little credibility they have left, along with all of the actual documentation of the massive undertaking this has been and will continue to be. It speaks to a company still more concerned with image than reality, in charge of repairing something so terribly broken that we can’t afford to treat it with anything but total candor.

För alla med intresse av PR och krishantering (och hur man inte skall göra) är och förblir BP ”the gift that keeps on giving”.

Se även: Tidigare artikel Svenska Dagbladet. För mer analys och bilder se Americablog. Washington Post har sin text här med en förklaring från BP:s talesperson.

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