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VAL 2015 | För en månad sedan publicerades en översiktsplan över vem som sitter var i Ed Milibands stridsledningscentral. Härifrån dirigerar Labour sin valkampanj.

Labour war room 2015

Strategerna i partiet tror att man är överlägsna Conservative Party när det gäller att knacka dörr och träffa väljare öga mot öga.

Patrick Wintour, political editor på tidningen The Guardian som också publicerade översiktsbilden, skrev om partiets strategi som skall besegra de konservativa.

The fate of the party may lie in this open-plan room. Such war rooms, made famous by the US Democrats in the 1990s, are essentially about information mobility. They have been described as “catalysts for decision-making”.

The aim is to get information to the people who need it in real time and by having the decision-makers all in one place to make sure the strategic decisions turn into reality in both the campaign “ground war” and “air war”. That is more than a battle for the hourly news cycle, but what is happening on doorsteps and on social media such as Facebook.


In terms of a traditional air war – a hostile media environment in which Labour can probably hope at best to scrape a draw – Labour strategists believe they have been competitive. One official said: “Any party has to bury its negatives and accentuate its positives. The Conservatives have done the opposite.”


Labour hopes its strength lies with its ground war. Miliband himself this week described the Conservative party as a “virtual party. It is a Lynton Crosby hologram” [referring to the party’s election campaign chief].

Labour reckons it has a competitive advantage in its activist base and is well on course to deliver on its target to hold 4m doorstep conversations. By this weekend it will have reached 2.5m, and its field team reckons in marginal seats it was getting out more material than the Tories.

Some independent evidence to confirm this advantage exists. As ConservativeHome, a Conservative website, pointed out this week, Ashcroft polling showed in 10 key marginals that Labour, according to voter recall, was now leading the Tories in contacts with voters. The average increase in the share of voters contacted by Tory campaigns in the 10 key seats is 35 percentage points, while the same figure for Labour campaigns is almost 55 percentage points.

Bild: The Guardian.

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MITT ROMNEYS kampanjstrategi går ut på att vara presidentkandidaten som kan accepteras av det republikanska partiets etablissemang.

Partiets sätt att välja ut sina presidentkandidater brukar ibland liknas vid ett arvkungadöme. Det handlar inte så mycket om att vinna ett val utan om vem som står på tur. Och denna gång är det Mitt Romney som är tänkt att ”ärva” tronen.

Det skulle t.ex. kunna förklara varför inte bara demokrater reagerade så starkt när en av de övriga kandidaterna – Rick Perry – kallade ordföranden för Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, för ”förrädare”.  

Steve Kornacki på bloggen War Room har analyserat Romneys ”sanity” strategi. Han vill att det skall framgå att han är republikanen som är ”normal”. Och därmed också kan utgöra ett alternativ för missnöjda demokrater och independents.

When he ran for president four years ago, there was no such thing as too far to the right for Mitt Romney […]

This time around, as you may have noticed, things are a bit different. […] And when a top social conservative leader in that state, Bob Vander Plaats, demanded that the GOP field sign on to his ”marriage vow,” Romney didn’t just refuse — he branded the document ”undignified and inappropriate.” He also declined to sign a pledge from a different conservative group on abortion, and stayed as far away from the recent debt ceiling debate as possible [….]

So he’s doing what establishment candidates do, trying to limit his early exposure and create an air of inevitability, and seeking to win over enough of the base to win the nomination — but not in a way that gives his establishment backers pause about his electability. Historically, this has been a pretty sound strategy for the ”next in line” Republican candidate.


What’s happening is that the sanity strategy has actually worked well for Romney, at least so far. Part of this is because his competition has been so weak. Conservative leaders and activists may genuinely have doubts about Romney, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to sign up with someone like Bachmann.


But Mitt’s healthcare cover story — which amounts to, ”I hate that thing called ‘ObamaCare’ just as much as you and will repeal it, now just please forget about what I did in Massachusetts” — has also mostly held up. […] Which makes sense, since the right’s opposition to ObamaCare is fundamentally emotional and irrational in nature. Support for an individual mandate only became a crime against conservatism when Obama embraced the concept in 2009.

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KAMPANJ: Den engelska utgåvan av tidskriften Wired har en intressant artikel om hur det konservativa partiet i Storbritannien har rustat sitt ”war room” för att kunna ligga i framkant när det gäller sociala medier.

Här ett litet smakprov;

A week before [chancellor] Alistair Darling made his speech, [shadow chancellor George] Osborne’s office was handed a leaked government report on cutting IT spending. The usual procedure would be to pass the leak to a friendly journalist. But sitting in his office, Osborne floated the idea that his team should publish it themselves — and, rather than simply badmouthing the Government, ask the public for ideas to improve the report. With the plan agreed, the web team worked through the weekend to build MakeITbetter.org.uk, crowdsourcing ”improvements” to the (still unpublished) report. It launched at 10am on November 30, barely 76 hours after the leak had arrived. The site broke under the traffic — but Osborne had made his point: here was a party trying to do things online that no British political party had ever attempted.

There’s an element of PR gimmickry in publishing a leak online, of course. But such initiatives are part of a more concerted Tory technology experiment.

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LONDON: Personerna bakom den framgångsrika bloggen Conservative.Home.com har nu startat upp en ny tjänst som skall granska och hjälpa de konservativa.

Även om Conservative Intelligence endast är tillgängligt för prenumeranter erbjuder man alla att gratis ta del av en kartläggning av partiledaren David Camerons kampanjhögkvarter.

David Cameron's War Room

På denna wall chart kan man se vem som är vem och vad alla huvudpersonerna kring Cameron har för uppgifter och funktion.

Här kan man bland annat få reda på vilka medarbetare som har kontor som är geografiskt nära placerade David Camerons eget kontor;

Geographical proximity to the source of power in any organisation is incredibly important.

Eller varför inte ta del av när Andy Coulson (Head of Communications and Planning) och övriga nyckelpersoner avhåller sina möten under dagen. (Klockan 08.45, 09.15 och 16.00 om någon undrar.)

Den viktigaste personen i Tory partiet – vid sidan om Cameron – är uppenbart George Osborne som är både Shadow Chancellor och ansvarig för planeringen inför kommande val (General Election Co-ordinator).

Håll till godo.

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