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1914 | I år uppmärksammas första världskriget runt om i Europa. Country Life, en mer exklusiv veckotidning, har dykt ner i sina arkiv för att fånga tidsandan.

Country Life january 22 2014

Country Life den 22 januari 2014

”Published weekly since 1897, the magazine was still young when Britain declared war on August 4, 1914. It had largely ignored the Boer War, but the scale of the looming conflict made the subject impossible to escape.  Although Country Life never attempted to compete with the daily reportage of newspapers, its own character as a highly produced weekly magazine of catholic tastes made it ideal for providing context for the news and illustrating what papers could only describe. Professional photographs of topical places were regularly published in articles ostensibly concerned with history or culture.”

Country Life 3 juni 1916

Country Life den 3 juni 1916

”The Frontispieces of the magazine were regularly used for propaganda purposes. As well as society women, there appeared photographs of the Royal Family and the crowned heads of our allies. Here, for the French number of 1916, the Frontispiece evokes Delacriox’s celebrated painting Liberty leading the people, although La Marseillaise has her breasts decently covered, unlike her model.”

Country Life, 1 januari 1916

Country Life, 1 januari 1916

”The Frontispieces of the magazine remained relatively unchanged throughout the war, although they included a number of portraits of the Royal Family and allied heads of states and their consorts. There were images, too, of soldiers and some striking pictures of society women: The Duchess of Westminster stands out in startling contrast to her predecessors. Rather than appearing in fashionable dress, she is shown in a nurse’s uniform and – implicitly – as an active participant in the war.”

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