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TRAILER | Ikväll är det dags för miniserien ”Political Animals” på kanal 9. Hillary Clinton har stått som modell för huvupersonen Elaine Barrish.

Emily Nussbaum skrev så här om tv-serien i en recension på bloggen Culture Desk (The New Yorker):

Psst, are you in the market for an hour-long cable television drama about Washington politics and the media that covers it? A show with a liberal bent so strong it’s practically scoliosis? Maybe something with a beloved middle-aged star in the lead? Let’s also assume, for the purposes of this blog post, that you’re the type of viewer who prefers your TV somewhat larger than life, less real than surreal—and also that you are a fan of desk-pounding speeches, screwball banter, and strong parallels to current-day politics.


The concept: What if you made a splashy soap opera starring Hillary Clinton? And what if Hillary had gotten a divorce after she lost the primary? Also, what if she had two sons, one of whom is a gay suicidal cokehead? In “Political Animals,” Sigourney Weaver is introduced as Elaine Barrish, a former First Lady and the wife of Bud Hammond, a once-beloved President whose legacy was soiled by a sex scandal. In the pilot, Elaine loses the Presidential primary to a young upstart, Paul Garcetti, played by Adrian Pasdar (he’s Obama, but he’s Italian: call him Cuobama). After her stirring concession speech, Elaine asks Bud for a divorce. Then she takes the job of Secretary of State for her opponent’s Administration, becoming the world’s heroine after years of harsh press.

That’s a pretty juicy idea for a TV series, even if it verges on offensive. (Hillary Clinton is a real person, after all, currently working as Secretary of State—has there ever been a show that went this far in setting up a parallel to an active politician?)


There’s a special kind of catharsis in the wish fulfillment of “Political Animals,” in which we get to hear the ex-President admit, “It’s the hard shit I usually get right. It’s the simple shit I screw up.” There’s a perverse satisfaction to watching Elaine confront her compromise-prone boss, President Garcetti, who won the primary with his message of hope, by convincing the voters to choose him over a woman who ran a bad campaign, and who knows that she’s ill-suited to press the flesh, to schmooze, to lie. “Someday, sir,” she tells the President, her eyes flashing with frustration, her shoulders strong as any diva on “Dallas,” “it would be nice to be working for the man who beat me.”

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TRAILER | Tv-serien ”Boss” har nu även börjat visas i public service i TV2.

Så här skev Alessandra Stanley 2011 i The New York Times:

“Boss,” a series on Starz about a crooked Chicago mayor, is almost good, and it falls short for the same reason that the George Clooney movie “Ides of March” isn’t good enough. Both are political thrillers that romanticize malfeasance, imbuing corruption with a sinister melodrama that defies common sense and cheapens the thrill of bad behavior.

Voters don’t trust elected officials, but Hollywood doesn’t trust itself to do politicians justice; screenwriters keep piling operatic misdeeds onto characters whose strength lies in their huge capacity for pettiness.


There are movies and TV shows about politics that tempt viewers to fast forward through the details of governing to get to the juicy parts. “Boss” is the opposite, a smart look at political power brokers that gets silly on the subjects of sex and violence.

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TRAILER | TV-serien “Scandal”, om krishanteraren Olivia Pope i Washington, har premiär på Kanal 5 på onsdag.

Huvudpersonen är baserad på Judy Smith som tidigare var pressekreterare hos president George H. W. Bush.

I dag jobbar hon som professionell krishanterare på den egna firman Smith & Co. BP Oil och Monica Lewinsky (Bill Clintons favoritintern i Vita huset) har varit klienter hos henne.

När Annie Groer intervjuar henne i Washington Post svarar hon bl.a. på en fråga om skillnaderna mellan män och kvinnors benägenhet att hamna i skandaler.

Why does it seem that men screw up more than women?

While women are certainly in substantial positions of power, that number is still lower compared to men, so I think that probably has something to do with it. I have more high-profile men involved in cases concerning allegations of sex … Women are more inclined to weigh consequences. Women are smarter about it.  Over the years, beginning with Gary Hart, we have seen politicians get into trouble in this area and we have seen the ‘stand by your man’ wife go away over time.

Mer: Lyssna på en intervju med Smith på radio NPR. Och läs Patrick Gavins “Judy Smith’s crisis management at heart of ‘Scandal’Politico.

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TRAILER | Lagom till valet i november kommer filmen ”Knife Fight” där Lowe spelar en professionell kampanjstrateg.

Titeln kommer från en av Lowes repliker i filmen där han beskriver politik som ”blood sport”. “To win in politics, you have to be the person who’s willing to bring a gun to a knife fight.”

Hans rollkaraktär baseras på Chris Lehane som har varit med och skrivit manus. Adam Nagourney på The New York Times skriver på bloggen The Caucus:

In Washington, Chris Lehane, a Democratic consultant, is known – and this is a compliment in that world – as a fervent advocate of the dark arts of politics: the cutthroat, destroy-your-enemies, do-what-it-takes-to win approach to political campaigns. “In the last five days, it always comes down to a knife fight in a telephone booth,” Mr. Lehane said, commenting on the final days of the 2008 presidential campaign.

Läs mer: ”‘Knife Fight’ echoes real-life political scandals” av Carla Marinucci på San Francisco Chronicle.

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TV | Julia Louis-Dreyfus (”Seinfeldt”) spelar vicepresident Selina Meyer i den nya tv-komedin ”Veep”.

Kvinnliga politiker verkar för närvarande vara populära ämnen i filmer och tv-serier.

Vi har Tina Fey (”Saturday Night Live”) och Julianne Moore (”Game Change”) som Sarah Palin, Meryl Streep som Margaret Thatcher (”The Iron Lady”) och Michelle Yeoh som Burmas Aung San Suu Kyi (”The Lady”).

Bakom ”Veep” står Armando Iannucci som tidigare har gjort de politiska komedierna ”The Thick of It” och ”In the Loop”.

Carina Chocano, The New York Times Magazine, skriver:

If “The West Wing” was a fantasy of hyper-competence, “Veep” is its opposite: a black-humor vision of politics at its bleakest, in which both sides have been co-opted by money and special interests and are reduced to posturing, subterfuge, grandstanding and photo ops. Naturally, it’s hilarious.


In preparation for the role, Louis-Dreyfus spoke to Al Gore, as well as chiefs of staff, vice-presidential speechwriters and her old friend and fellow “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Senator Al Franken, posing questions about whether they followed guidelines when talking to the press and whether the Secret Service followed them to the bathroom at night. She also spent hours observing the gestures, postures and body language of politicians on C-Span and getting them down pat. Iannucci describes a hand gesture she perfected that he particularly admired, “a clenched thumb thing” used only by politicians “that no one else does in real life.”

“It’s not a fist, and it’s not a finger-point,” Louis-Dreyfus explains. “You could call it a ‘thist.’ You make a fist and then you move your thumb on top of the bent fingers, like you’re ready to have a thumb fight with someone. It’s not a natural human gesture. It tries to straddle both sides, you know? To be powerful, but not aggressive.”


As much as “Veep” draws on real life, it has already proved eerily prescient. In an early episode, Selina caps a long and trying day with a disastrous photo op at a frozen-yogurt shop, where her press secretary has been fielding complaints from the owner about his taxes. The episode had already been shot when, in real life, Vice President Biden visited a custard shop and sharply chastised the manager for complaining about his taxes, setting off a minor controversy. (Or maybe not so minor: Googling “Joe Biden,” “custard” and “swear” yields more than six million results.)

Övrigt: Se även trailers 1 och 2. Samt “chacter spots” 1, 2, 3, 4, och 5.

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Övrigt: The Lady av Luc Besson har premiär i Sverige den 4 april.  Fler trailers här: 1, 2 och 3. Se presskonferensen med Besson och skådespelerskan Michelle Yeoh.

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