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UKRAINA | Förutom president Viktor Janukovitj, demonstranterna och oligarkerna finns det en rad politiker som tillhör dramats huvudpersoner.

Tempus nr 50 13-19 dec 2013

Tempus, som översätter nyhetsartiklar från bl.a. The Washington Post, har tittat på situationen i landet.

De viktigaste är för närvarande Jurij Lutsenko, Arsenij Jatsenjuk, tidigare världsmästaren i boxning Vitalij Klytjko och den fängslade Julia Tymosjenko.  

Will Englund och Kathy Lally skriver:

Yuri Lutsenko, 48

A reformer who helped lead the Orange Revolution of 2004, he was interior minister in the previous government and was then prosecuted for embezzlement and abuse of office as soon as Yanukovych, the loser in 2004, won the presidency in 2010. His case was one of those that brought sharp criticism of Ukraine’s “selective justice” from leaders in the E.U. and the United States. He served a little more than two years in prison before Yanukovych pardoned him in April of this year.

Acknowledging that millions of Ukrainians were disillusioned by the aftermath of the Orange Revolution, Lutsenko today argues that the time has come to do it right.

Arseny Yatsenyuk, 39

He is the leader of the parliamentary faction of Fatherland Party. This is the party founded by Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister now in prison. Yatsenyuk was at various times minister of economy and foreign minister under Tymoshenko.

Yatsenyuk has always cast himself as a principled reformer, and at times was at odds with Tymoshenko over questions of policy and politics. He ran against her and Yanukovych for president in 2010.

Vitaly Klitschko, 42

The former WBO and WBC heavyweight champion, he had a knockout-to-bout ratio second only to Rocky Marciano’s. Now he’s in politics, and his party is called UDAR, which means “punch.”

Klitschko has no association with the Orange Revolution or the unpopular governments that followed it, but he is a ferocious critic of Yanukovych. As early as September, Klitschko was challenging Yanukovych to resign if he wouldn’t sign the agreement with the E.U.

Yulia Tymoshenko, 54

Currently in a prison hospital, the former prime minister decided Friday to end a hunger strike that she started to protest the failure to sign with the E.U. She was convicted of abuse of office in 2011. The E.U., again citing “selective justice,” has demanded that she be released. Yanukovych can’t bring himself to do it.

Wildly popular when she dramatically became the personification of the Orange Revolution nine years ago, her two stints as prime minister were troubled and complicated. Her supporters are passionate. So are her detractors.

Three former presidents

Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yushchenko issued a joint statement sympathizing with the protests and warning that the government is losing control of the situation. But none of them commands a significant following among the public.

Tidskriftsomslag: Tempus, nr 50, den 13-19 december 2013.

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If you retire you don’t have anything to worry about. It’s the third time I have said that. I probably say it three more times. See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.

—President George W. Bush, den 24 maj 2005, Rochester, New York

Övrigt: Dan Froomking, The Washington Post, förklarar bakgrunden i förhållande till Social Security. Läs även George W. Bush: ‘Catapult the Propaganda’” på Messaging Matters om politisk kommunikation.

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USA | Barack Obama har hållit sitt tal på demokraternas partikonvent. Här nedan är några morgontidningars framsidor med anledning av nyheten.

Boston Herald, Boston, USA

The New York Times (detalj), New York, USA

The Washington Post (detalj), Washington DC, USA

Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, USA

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KONVENT | Mitt Romney har nu officiellt acceperat sitt partis presidentnominering. Här nedan hur några dagstidningar slog upp nyheten under fredagen.

Newsday, New York, USA

The New York Times, New York, USA (detalj)

The Washington Post, Washington DC, USA (detalj)

The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, USA

Chicago Tribune, Chicago, USA (detalj)

The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, USA

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USA | Mitt Romneys segrar är hårdvunna. För varje hårfin seger är det dags för nya spekulationer om någon trots allt skulle kunna besegra honom.

Till och med på hemmaplan, i Michigan, blev det en riktig rysare för Romney. ”It was the verbal equivalent of a sigh of relief after he eked out a 3-point win in his native state, where a loss could have been fatal. Who loses in a state where the governor’s office is in a bulding named after your dad?”, skrev t.ex. David von Drehle i Time.

Men E. J. Dionne Jr. i The Washington Post påminner oss om att hans situation inte är unik om man ser tillbaka på tidigare kampanjer.

Mitt Romney is grinding his way to the Republican presidential nomination not by winning hearts but by imposing his will on a party that keeps resisting him. He is assembling the peripheral elements of the GOP as his rivals divide the votes of the passionate believers. His campaign is part John McCain, part Michael Dukakis and part Richard Nixon.


McCain secured the GOP nomination in large part because three candidates running to his right (Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson and, ironically, Romney himself) split the conservative vote, allowing McCain to win narrow primary victories in states — notably South Carolina — that he would have lost had he confronted a unified right. And like Dukakis, a fellow Massachusetts governor who won the 1988 Democratic nomination, Romney is the survivor, the man left standing after others had fallen away, self-destructed or skipped the contest altogether.

But it is Nixon, rival to Romney’s father in 1968, who provides the words that may best explain how Mitt Romney is managing his way toward a tepid triumph. Recall that Nixon’s political resurrection came after a period of great ideological enthusiasm on the Republican right that led to Barry Goldwater’s historically significant but electorally disastrous nomination in 1964. Nixon knew that he needed the right wing but had no illusions about how its loyalists felt about him.

“They don’t like me,” Nixon said, “but they tolerate me.”

Bild: Framsidan är The Wahington Post den 7 mars 2012.

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MILT UTTRYCKT har de senaste dagarna varit mindre bra för al-Qaida. Att USA har lyckats eliminera Usama bin Ladin är en PR-katastrof för al-Qaida och den islamistiska terrorismen. Här är några första sidor från amerikanska och engelska morgon- och kvällstidningar.

The Daily Telegraph, Storbritannien

Daily Express, Storbritannien

Daily Mirror, Storbritannien

The New York Times, USA

The Washington Post, USA

The Times, Storbritannien

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REKLAM: Journalistlegenderna Bob Woodward och Ben Bradlee har huvudrollen i en kul reklamspot för The Washington Post och deras iPad app. Bradlees slutkläm: ”These kids think tweets twit themselves”.

Tidigare i år kom Woodward ut med boken Obama’s Wars – The Inside Story. Det är hans femte bok om beslutsprocesserna kring USA:s krig i Irak och Afghanistan.

De fyra tidigare handlade om president George W Bush. Denna gång är det personerna i Barack Obamas administration som har intervjuats.

De tidigare böckerna är Bush at War, Plan of Attack, State of Denial: Bush at War och The War Within: A Secret White House History 2006-2008.

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