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The Lady 12 april 2013

The Lady (“for elegant women with elegant minds”) har publicerats kontinuerligt sedan 1885. Idag är det “England’s longest running weekly magazine for women”.

I detta nummer, med anledning av Margaret Thatchers bortgång, skrev Matt Warren:

Under the Labour government of 1974-9, Britain was pummelled by strikes and on the verge of bankruptcy. In 1976, the nation was forced to go to the International Monetary Fund for a bailout. And by the end of 1978, the country faced the long, bitter Winter of Discontent.

And so, when she became Britain’s first female Prime Minister in 1979, Thatcher’s cupboard was bare. Her draconian economic policies, which included increasing interest rates and slashing public sector spending, put Britain on the road to recovery. But as unemployment initially soared, her popularity plummeted and tens of thousands suffered.

As some cried for a change of tack, however, she responded with customary grit: ‘You turn if you want to,’ she said in 1980. ‘This lady’s not for turning’. The Iron Lady – as she had been dubbed in the communist media – had come of age.

As her close colleague and ally Norman Tebbit told The Lady: ‘What set her apart from the politicians of today was that she asked for the facts first, and had the discussion later.’

This mettle certainly paid dividends. As the economy recovered, and her popularity soared following Britain’s nail-biting victory in the 1982 Falklands War, it appeared that ‘Thatcherism’ had been vindicated.

Newsweek magazine ran a cover picture of aircraft carrier HMS Hermes under the headline ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, Britain appeared to regain its standing in the world, and the 1983 election resulted in a Tory landslide.

Bild: The Lady den 12 april 2013.

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TV | Julia Louis-Dreyfus (”Seinfeldt”) spelar vicepresident Selina Meyer i den nya tv-komedin ”Veep”.

Kvinnliga politiker verkar för närvarande vara populära ämnen i filmer och tv-serier.

Vi har Tina Fey (”Saturday Night Live”) och Julianne Moore (”Game Change”) som Sarah Palin, Meryl Streep som Margaret Thatcher (”The Iron Lady”) och Michelle Yeoh som Burmas Aung San Suu Kyi (”The Lady”).

Bakom ”Veep” står Armando Iannucci som tidigare har gjort de politiska komedierna ”The Thick of It” och ”In the Loop”.

Carina Chocano, The New York Times Magazine, skriver:

If “The West Wing” was a fantasy of hyper-competence, “Veep” is its opposite: a black-humor vision of politics at its bleakest, in which both sides have been co-opted by money and special interests and are reduced to posturing, subterfuge, grandstanding and photo ops. Naturally, it’s hilarious.


In preparation for the role, Louis-Dreyfus spoke to Al Gore, as well as chiefs of staff, vice-presidential speechwriters and her old friend and fellow “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Senator Al Franken, posing questions about whether they followed guidelines when talking to the press and whether the Secret Service followed them to the bathroom at night. She also spent hours observing the gestures, postures and body language of politicians on C-Span and getting them down pat. Iannucci describes a hand gesture she perfected that he particularly admired, “a clenched thumb thing” used only by politicians “that no one else does in real life.”

“It’s not a fist, and it’s not a finger-point,” Louis-Dreyfus explains. “You could call it a ‘thist.’ You make a fist and then you move your thumb on top of the bent fingers, like you’re ready to have a thumb fight with someone. It’s not a natural human gesture. It tries to straddle both sides, you know? To be powerful, but not aggressive.”


As much as “Veep” draws on real life, it has already proved eerily prescient. In an early episode, Selina caps a long and trying day with a disastrous photo op at a frozen-yogurt shop, where her press secretary has been fielding complaints from the owner about his taxes. The episode had already been shot when, in real life, Vice President Biden visited a custard shop and sharply chastised the manager for complaining about his taxes, setting off a minor controversy. (Or maybe not so minor: Googling “Joe Biden,” “custard” and “swear” yields more than six million results.)

Övrigt: Se även trailers 1 och 2. Samt “chacter spots” 1, 2, 3, 4, och 5.

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