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POLITIK | Journalister och väljare gillar politiker som har humor. Frågan är bara om man vinner speciellt många väljare på det.

En svensk politiker som lyckades leverera roligheter på löpande band var Kristdemokraternas Göran Hägglund.

Men det hjälpte vare sig honom själv eller partiet när det väl var dags för val. Opinionssiffrorna och valresultaten imponerade aldrig under Hägglunds tid som partiledare.

Emily Heil på engelska The Independent har skrivit en intressant artikel om hur Barack Obama använder humor för att få fram sitt politiska budskap för att kunna påverka allmänheten.

Humor är vanligare i amerikansk politik än här. Och Obama verkar ha en genuin känsla för vad som går hem i stugorna. Och han levererar roligheterna utan att verka alltför krystad.

For a long time, presidential humour was predictable as a knock-knock joke. Then along came President Obama, dropping the word “heezy,” mimicking viral memes, and quipping that he and Joe Biden are so close, they’d probably be denied service at an Indiana pizza joint.


The president’s reputation as a funny guy is, of course, partly courtesy of the professionally crafted material he reads off the Teleprompters. It’s no secret: A team of speechwriters writes his correspondents’ dinner routines for him. But Obama has input in that process, said David Litt, a former White House speechwriter who’s now the head writer at the Washington office of comedy website Funny or Die.

Writers consult with the president in the weeks leading up to the dinner to get a sense of the punchlines he likes — and those he doesn’t. Then the boss tweaks the final version. “He would make these little, small changes, but they would make such a difference,” Litt said. “They would punctuate the joke in a way that made it work better, or replace a phrase with a slightly better phrase.”

Obama has gotten plenty of unscripted laughs, too. During last year’s State of the Union address, Republicans cheered after he said he had no more elections to run. “I know, because I won both of them,” Obama zinged back. Those mic-dropping words didn’t appear in the advance copy of his remarks.


But the laughs often aren’t for their own sake. Obama has used comedic venues to advance his agenda, particularly among young people who are more likely to share a viral video than watch one of his speeches.


And the commander-in-chief’s style can fuel the criticisms that have long dogged him — that he is snooty and detached. Which, in Obama’s comedy world, is simply another opportunity to go meta.

“Some people say I’m arrogant, aloof, condescending,” the president said at last year’s dinner.

He paused.

“Some people are so dumb.”

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VAL 2015 | Exit polls indikerar att premiärminister David Cameron får fortsatt förtroende och kan bilda sin andra regering.

Daily Mail May 8 2015

Daily Mail, 8 maj 2015

The Times May 8 2015

The Times, 8 maj 2015

The Daily Telegraph May 8 2015

The Daily Telegraph, 8 maj 2015

The Independent May 8 2015

The Independent, 8 maj 2015

The Guardian May 8 2015

The Guardian, 8 maj 2015

The Sun May 8 2015

The Sun, 8 maj 2015

Läs mer: Fler framsidor på nättidningen för The Daily Telegraph.

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MEDIA | Margaret Thatchers död blev förstasidesnyhet runt om i världen. Här är några från Storbritannien.

The Times den 9 april 2013

The Times, fram och baksida, den 9 april 2013

Daily Mail den 9 april 2013

Daily Mail, den 9 april 2013

The Independent den 9 april 2013

The Independent, den 9 april 2013

The Guardian den 9 april 2013 

The Guardian, den 9 april 2013

Belfast Telegraph den 9 april 2013

Belfast Telegraph, den 9 april 2013

Se mer: 31 framsidor från tidningar utanför Storbritannien (plus några till från Storbritannien).

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NYHETER: En ny tidning – i – lanseras i Storbritannien. Eller som man själva uttryckte det: ”The first quality newspaper to be launched in Britain for almost 25 years”.

Brought to you by the award-winning team at the Independent, it’s not only a new paper, but a new kind of paper. Colourful and accessible, concise and intelligent, it’s your essential daily briefing. Packed with news, views, entertainment, business and sport, it’s the perfect way to start your day. And at a much more affordable price than a cappuccino.

En lite mer försiktig första analys levererar Juan Antonio Giner:

My only concern is that ghetto newspaper don’t work. You will never succeed patronizing women with women sections and young readers wit newspaper for young people.

And I have very serious doubts about the final results of flashy newspapers or readers for “non readers”. Young people read and write more than ever. So it’s not a question of design (let’s scream!) or short or long news and stories, but a question of content, content, content. The new gewnerationd don’t read our traditional newspaper just because their interests, lives, passions, opinions, feelings and concerns are NOT reflected in our pages.

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labour-war-roomLONDON: Återigen spekuleras det kring premiärminister Gordon Browns planer för val. Oavsett om det blir redan i vår eller – vilket är mest troligt – först 2010 så gör sig alla partierna redan nu redo för valkamp.

Labour har bl.a. lanserat en ny webbsida – Labourlist.org – för sina anhängare. Det var här som Lord Mandelson – Tony Blairs tidigare spin doktor, numera ”Business Secretary” – förklarade att Labours tidigare ”command and control” strategi för att tysta intern kritik nu är över. Istället gäller ”embrace and engage”. 

Webbsidan skall enligt The Independent;

It aims to drag Labour’s communications into the ”Obama era” after the incoming US President used the internet to expand his base of supporters and raise millions in campaign funds from small donors.

En annan spin doktor som Gordon Brown påstås vilja få in för att kunna toppa sitt team inför nästa valkampanj är Alastair Campbell. Även Campbell – tidigare ”Director of Communication and Strategy” – tillhörde järngänget kring Tony Blair och symboliserad New Labours manipulativa hantering av media; 

Gordon Brow is battling to give Alastair Campbell a peerage to complete a line-up of New Labour big-hitters in time for election campaign.But the former spin doctor to Tony Blair is understood not to be interested in a seat in the House of Lords, despite ”intensive courtship” by the Prime Minister since October, The Independent on Sunday has learnt. 

Samtidigt ägnar sig Torypartiet åt sina egna kampanjplaner;

At the same time, David Cameron readied his party for an early election with a letter to all candidates putting them on a war footing. The Tories are also planning direct mailshots to target seats and a nationwide advertising campaign, while the leader will carry out a major shadow cabinet reshuffle – likely to be the final line-up for polling day – within a fortnight.

Bland annat vill partiets senaste affischkampanj sätta fokus på ”the human consequences of Labour’s Debt Crisis”.

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