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KOMMER HON att kandidera eller inte? I november 2010 skissade John Heilemann på ett scenario för hur Sarah Palin skulle kunna bli republikanska partiets kandidat inför presidentvalet 2012.

Vad som har hänt sedan artikeln skrevs är att Michele Bachmann har klivit in i ringen. Till skillnad från Palin har hon redan meddelat att hon vill bli partiets presidentkandidat.

Politiskt och ideologiskt ligger de två väldigt nära varandra. Skulle Palin därför tillkännage att hon står till förfogande skulle båda konkurrera om exakt samma röster inom Tea Party-rörelsen och bland de kristna socialkonservativa väljarna.

[T]he tea party and its populist brethren seem likely to emerge as the new Christian right, only more powerful—not merely exercising an effective veto over any nominee but altering the underlying dynamics of the race. “There will be two simultaneous primaries: a mainstream-conservative primary and a primary in the anti-Establishment wing of the party,” says John Weaver, McCain’s guru in 2000 and the early part of his run in 2008. “And then there’ll be a playoff down the road between the winners of the two.”


Beyond the intensity of her grassroots following, Palin would bring to the race two other significant advantages, the first being the calendar. That she would be the prohibitive favorite in Iowa, where the caucuses are dominated by Evangelical voters, is considered a given by most strategists. But, in fact, all of the first four states might provide fertile ground for Palin.


Palin’s second advantage, nearly incalculable in its scale and implications, is her ability simultaneously to drive and saturate the electronic media, new and old—the way that cable chronicles her every twitch, that with a trifling tweet she often earns 24 hours of breathless nonstop coverage. “It’ll be something that we’ve never seen before,” says John Weaver. “Obama wasn’t like that until the general election.”

Övrigt: Tidskriftsomslaget ovan är från den 1 november 2010. New York har samlat sina omslag här.

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MÅNGA HAR tvivlat på att Sarah Palin – Tea Party rörelsens okrönta drottning – någonsin kommer att tillkännage att hon kandiderar till presidentposten.

Men nu ser vi två tunga indikationer på att kampanjplanerna är i full gång.

Den två timmar långa filmen ”The Undefeated” – godkänd av Palin – kommer att släppas i juni. Dessutom har Palin gett sig ut på en landsomfattande busstur för att testa av stämningarna ute i landet.

“Palin continues to say that she’s waiting to make up her mind on running for president, but her aides have indicated that a favorable response to the bus tour would push her closer toward a campaign”, skriver Politico.

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POLITIK: Tea Party-rörelsen i USA har fått en egen tidskrift som heter Tea Party Review.

En kritik som ofta har framförts mot Tea Party-rörelsen är att man knappt har några svarta eller andra minoriteter aktiva.

Men tittar man på reklamspoten på YouTube så har man uppenbart velat ta udden av den kritiken.

”For the past couple of days, we figured that the Tea Party Review, a new magazine billed as the “The first national magazine for, by and about the Tea Party Movement,” was a clever Web hoax”, skrev The Book Bench som är en blogg på The New Yorker.

”It was something about that guy in the cover photo—his nearly fashionable workman’s cap, three-day beard, and rugged ruggedness—and a couple of those teasers seemed a bit off: “Paine, de Tocqueville, and Booker T. Washington” right above “The Year of the Black Conservative.” That flag, that wheat—it looked like it belonged at a Whole Foods checkout line in some weird parallel dimension. We like to think of ourselves as savvy customers, careful of our pride, and so we’re wary of being fooled by Internet jokes.”

Men det var inget skämt. Tydligen är man lite smartare i Tea Party-rörelsen än vad många tror.

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VITA HUSET: Robert Draper har tecknat ett intressant porträtt av Sarah Palin. Ännu har hon inte officiellt meddelat att hon tänker kandidera men hela hennes strategi tyder på att hon redan har tagit sikte på Vita huset. Som Tea Party-rörelsens frontfigurer har hon redan en imponerande skara anhängare bland gräsrötterna.

”Sarah Palin’s withering regard for the media co-exists with the fact that Sarah Palin is a media sensation. Throughout this year’s midterm cycle, no one commanded as much free time on the air as Palin, who of course wasn’t running for office herself. Her mere presence or nonpresence at various campaign events — or the distance that wary Republican candidates kept from her — routinely eclipsed whatever else took place at the events themselves. Concurrently, Palin’s denunciations of the Obama White House via Twitter garnered substantial attention not because the opinions were especially novel but because they were expressed with the brashness of a wily headline-grabber. […]

The road to a presidential candidacy traditionally involves a carefully sequenced gathering of tribes and marking of territory. Palin has ignored this playbook. Her only-dead-fish-go-with-the-flow improvisatory ethic is certifiably anti-Beltway and confers on Palin an aura of authenticity. It is also erratic and short on self-discipline, reminding us that Sarah Palin’s ascendency is recent and she remains a work in progress — all the while casting a very long shadow over the Republican Party, shaped like a question mark.”

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DESIGN: Mother Jones är en amerikansk tidskrift som i USA brukar kallas progressiv. I detta nummer för december i år har man haft roligt med Sarah Palin som är Tea Party-rörelsens okrönta drottning. Förebilden är kultrullen Attack of the 50 Foot Woman från 1958.

”MoJo’s creative director Tim Luddy encouraged illustrator Zina Saunders to follow the poster out the window in tone and feel, tweaking only the landscape to look more suburban. Saunders […] took the assignment very seriously, at one point sending a picture of Palin in her beauty-contestant days to confirm that she’d gotten the proportions right.”

Saunders gjorde också en rörlig version på åtta (!) sekunder. Snacka om att vara engagerad!

Mother Jones har en intressant presentation av tidskriften som förklarar namnet och dess historia. Varför inte också kolla på en trailer till original filmen.

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VAL 2010: Den andre november går USA till val. Valet är inte bara ett test för Barack Obamas demokratiska parti. Valet kommer också att visa om Tea Party-rörelsen har lyckas mobilisera på högerkanten.

Tea Party-rörelsen kallas en konservativ gräsrotsrörelse. Men rent ideologiskt är det mer rimligt att kalla den nyliberal eller libertariansk.

Tea Party-rörelsen är inte bara motståndare till Barack Obamas politik utan också motståndare till det republikanska etablissemanget och Big Business.

Rörelsen lägger tyngdpunkten på individuellt ansvar och att det är företag och den fria marknaden – snarare än staten och politikerna i Washington – som skapar välfärd.

Det republikanska partiet och många företag är tveksamma till rörelsen. Bloomberg Businessweek har titta närmare på rörelsen i artikeln Why Business Doesn’t Trust the Tea Party.

To measure the Tea Party’s success by who wins on Nov. 2, however, is to miss the movement’s full impact. Through a combination of brilliant politics, genuine discontent, and intense emotional appeals, the Tea Party has helped pull national Republican leaders such as John McCain to the right, and has defeated those—such as Lisa Murkowski in Alaska and Bob Bennett in Utah—who didn’t move quickly enough. Its impact on the local level has been similarly dramatic. In May the historically moderate Maine Republican Party adopted a platform that included such Tea Party planks as eliminating the Federal Reserve, sealing the borders, and prohibiting stimulus funding. 

It may sound like a corporate dream come true—as long as the corporation in question doesn’t have international operations, rely on immigrant labor, see the value of national monetary policy, or find itself in need of a subsidy to boost exports or an emergency loan from the Fed to survive the worst recession in seven decades. Business leaders who favor education reform, immigration reform, or investment in infrastructure can likely say goodbye to those ideas for the short term as well; they won’t be possible in the willfully gridlocked world of the coming 112th Congress. […] 

The Tea Party’s brand of political nitroglycerin, in short, is too unstable for businesses that look to government for predictability, moderation, and the creation of a stable economic environment. 

Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the biggest-spending business lobby and a vociferous opponent of the Obama Administration, has kept its distance from many Tea Party candidates. The Chamber, which has been the target of White House attacks over undisclosed campaign expenditures, says it plans to spend at least $75 million in this election cycle. So far, most of the money has gone to Republicans not closely associated with the Tea Party […]

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STRATEGI: Professionella politiska rådgivare är ett släkte för sig. Ofta cyniska och föga imponerade över de klantiga och uppblåsta politiker som betalar ut lönen.

En av dessa konsulter har nu tagit bladet från munnen och get oss – anonymt – sin bild av hur man tänker hjälpa den amerikanska konservativa gräsrotsrörelsen Tea Party i kommande val.

Det är lite ironiskt att han (eller hon) gör det i den politiskt liberala tidskriften Playboy.

Kanske hela poängen är att sända en signal till mer nyliberala amerikaner (som antagligen hellre läser denna tidskrift än socialkonservativa publikationer) att Tea Party-rörelsen inte är vad demokraterna och liberal media traditionellt utmålar den som.

Vad som är sant eller falskt mellan allt skryt är svårt att avgöra. Men underhållande är det.

The campaign plan for one of the organizations I help uses the phrase black arts when talking about how we’ll win in the fall. It’s not a document filled with dirty tricks but a plan to create a nonprofit organization called Ensuring Liberty Corporation. It uses unconventional methods to get our message out and support grassroots conservatives: ”Ensuring Liberty’s relationships run deep into the new media and use of cloud computing and innovation along with the black arts of campaign management. That is not to say that [we] will undertake actions that contravene any legal or ethical principles; however, the use of surprise, investigative journalism and other key experience will allow for rapid deployment of strategies that many candidates simply do not understand or take advantage of during their actual election campaign.” Of course, the Tea Party is not as cohesive as anyone thinks. It’s not a party or even an organization. […] [President George W.] Bush mangled the GOP brand into a grotesque form that conservatives haven’t recognized in five years.

Conservatives now live in the political-party equivalent of Mad Max. Law and order inside the Republican Party has deteriorated, leaving regional warlords to scavenge over what’s left. The trouble is that some of the regional warlords are nuts or crooks. […]

The reality is the Tea Party as we know it will cease to exist within an election cycle. Its ideas won’t go away, but most of its leaders will. That’s because most self-appointed leaders in this world simply don’t know how to win. Mark my words: Without proper experienced guidance they will fuck it up. Rallies don’t win elections—votes do. Their egos are writing checks their organizations will never cash. […]

A good piece of mail gets its message across in 10 seconds. Television gives you 30 seconds, maybe. We’re playing to the reptilian brain rather than the logic centers, so we look for key words and images to leverage the intense rage and anxiety of white working-class conservatives. In other words, I talk to the same part of your brain that causes road rage. Ross Perot’s big mistake was his failure to connect his pie charts with the primordial brain.

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Don Wright den 23 mars 2010.

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