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HUMOR: 1952 startade Harvey Kurtzman och William Gaines satir- och humormagasinet Mad. Tidningens svenska avläggare Svenska Mad var som bäst under 60-talet när Lasse O’Månsson var redaktör. Omslaget här är från februari 2009 (nummer 498).


”MAD is the world’s leading magazine of humor and satire (at least according to the staff). For over fifty years, MAD has been a cultural touchstone, publishing twisted comedy from the truly disturbed minds of its many contributors, the Usual Gang of Idiots. This rag-tag crew of social misfits has traditionally been overworked, underpaid and, thankfully, not internet-savvy enough to read the insults we post about them online!”

”The news media typically reviews a new President’s performance after his first 100 days in office, using it as a barometer to measure the Commander-in-Chief’s effectiveness. We say pshaw! (And that’s not so easy to say!) MAD believes we can find out everything we’ll need to know about Barack by reviewing…100 The First Minutes of the Obama Presidency.”

Och här är vad Obama ägnade sig åt under några av dessa första 100 minuter:

00: Finish up inaugural address

01-02: Round up Michelle and kids, give finger to Bush and Cheney, head to Oval Office

03: Remove stupid flag pin from lapel

05-06: Send thank you note to George Bush for helping me get elected

09: Fill out change of address forms

10-13: Sneak out to Rose Garden for a quick smoke

14-16: Watch trailer for new Star Trek movie

17-19: Begin fundraising for 2012 campaign

23-24: Scrape eight years worth of chewing gum off the bottom of the Oval Office desk

25: Go on Facebook; put out a friend request to Ahmadinejad (with no preconditions)

26: Remind Biden to “shut his f*#king cakehole”

27: Check Amazon’s ranking of The Audacity of Hope

31-34: Sneak out to Rose Garden for a quick smoke

38: Screw with Secret Service agents by shouting out, “Hey, it’s almost prayer time, which way is Mecca?!”

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