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MITT ROMNEYS kampanjstrategi går ut på att vara presidentkandidaten som kan accepteras av det republikanska partiets etablissemang.

Partiets sätt att välja ut sina presidentkandidater brukar ibland liknas vid ett arvkungadöme. Det handlar inte så mycket om att vinna ett val utan om vem som står på tur. Och denna gång är det Mitt Romney som är tänkt att ”ärva” tronen.

Det skulle t.ex. kunna förklara varför inte bara demokrater reagerade så starkt när en av de övriga kandidaterna – Rick Perry – kallade ordföranden för Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, för ”förrädare”.  

Steve Kornacki på bloggen War Room har analyserat Romneys ”sanity” strategi. Han vill att det skall framgå att han är republikanen som är ”normal”. Och därmed också kan utgöra ett alternativ för missnöjda demokrater och independents.

When he ran for president four years ago, there was no such thing as too far to the right for Mitt Romney […]

This time around, as you may have noticed, things are a bit different. […] And when a top social conservative leader in that state, Bob Vander Plaats, demanded that the GOP field sign on to his ”marriage vow,” Romney didn’t just refuse — he branded the document ”undignified and inappropriate.” He also declined to sign a pledge from a different conservative group on abortion, and stayed as far away from the recent debt ceiling debate as possible [….]

So he’s doing what establishment candidates do, trying to limit his early exposure and create an air of inevitability, and seeking to win over enough of the base to win the nomination — but not in a way that gives his establishment backers pause about his electability. Historically, this has been a pretty sound strategy for the ”next in line” Republican candidate.


What’s happening is that the sanity strategy has actually worked well for Romney, at least so far. Part of this is because his competition has been so weak. Conservative leaders and activists may genuinely have doubts about Romney, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to sign up with someone like Bachmann.


But Mitt’s healthcare cover story — which amounts to, ”I hate that thing called ‘ObamaCare’ just as much as you and will repeal it, now just please forget about what I did in Massachusetts” — has also mostly held up. […] Which makes sense, since the right’s opposition to ObamaCare is fundamentally emotional and irrational in nature. Support for an individual mandate only became a crime against conservatism when Obama embraced the concept in 2009.

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