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BÅDE Labour och Conservative Party har nu avverkat sina partikonferenser. Stephen Moss har skrivit två roliga betraktelser för The Guardian.

Stephen Moss på Labour konferensen:

The start of the show is, though, frankly disappointing. Someone – John Prescott? – should strike an enormous gong. Instead, Ed Miliband, Harriet Harman and four unknowns sidle on to the stage and sit behind a large desk, looking like a quiz team. The hall, soothed by muzak, is two-thirds full; the audience predominantly white and ageing; it feels like a Neil Diamond concert.

This is my first ever party conference. I bump into Matthew Engel, a former star of this paper, now residing at the Financial Times, who has been attending Labour conferences since Keir Hardie was a boy. I ask what advice he would offer. ”Go home,” he says.

Stephen Moss på de Torypartiets partikonferens:

There are a number of different Tory types in Manchester. All the middle-aged men have Heseltine-like swept-back hair and wear pinstripes. The Tory women are glossy, beautifully turned out and tough as teak. ”I’m looking forward to hearing Theresa May speak,” one says to me as we wait for David Cameron to sweep past on his short daily walk from the Midland hotel to the conference centre. ”I’m not a fan of human rights.” But the most numerous group comprises young men with floppy hair and iPhones. Many are running thinktanks. At times it is less like a conference than a creche. ”I believe in individual freedom,” one winsome 25-year-old tells me. ”I don’t want the state to do everything for me.” Freedom is the word I hear everywhere – the Tories should really be called the Freedom party. Very few are interested in conserving anything.

I soon fall among libertarians. ”The general public is to be feared and loathed, not pandered to,” says Spectator blogger Alex Massie at an Adam Smith Institute event entitled ”The individual v the state: the battle for lifestyle freedom.” The panel is obsessed by the smoking ban. I go to the bar with them afterwards to discuss the issue further, but having a conversation with libertarians is difficult because they leave the room for a fag break every five minutes. Their economic policy seems to be creative destruction. Let the banks fail. What will be will be.

Övrigt: Framsidan ovan är tidningens sektion g2 från den 6 oktober 2011.

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