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LONDON: David Camerons regering har antagit en sträng sparbudget samtidigt som man nu inleder ett omfattande arbete med att decentralisera makten och reformera landets hälso- och sjukvård och skolor.

Om han kommer att lyckas är ännu för tidigt att säga. The Economist har tittat premiärministerns reformförslag.

Of all the politicians elected to high office in the West in the past few years, David Cameron seemed the least revolutionary. […]

Yet within its first 100 days the Con-Lib coalition has emerged as a radical force. For the first time since Margaret Thatcher handbagged the world in 1979, Britain looks like the West’s test-tube (see article). It is daring again—not always in a good way but in one that is likely to be instructive to more timid souls, not least Mr Obama and his Republican foes. […]

Indeed, if there is a spiritual godfather of Britain’s punk politicians, it is that old Celtic headbanger, Gordon Brown. If he had not trashed the government’s finances before the recession, Mr Cameron, who back then was muttering about “sharing the proceeds of growth”, might have had a “muddling through” alternative.

Läs mer: En artikel om de ”sociala entreprenörer” som har inspirerat 10 Downing Street.

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