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FLORIDA | Mitt Romney vann övertygande med 46 % av rösterna. På andra plats kom Newt Gingrich med 32 %. På tredje plats Rick Santorum med 13 %.

Från Romneys segertal i Tampa, Florida:

Primary contests are not easy – and they’re not supposed to be.  As this primary unfolds, our opponents in the other party have been watching.  They like to comfort themselves with the thought that a competitive campaign will leave us divided and weak.

But I’ve got some news for them:  A competitive primary does not divide us; it prepares us.  And when we gather here in Tampa seven months from now for our convention, ours will be a united party with a winning ticket for America!

Three years ago this week, a newly elected President Obama faced the American people and said that if he couldn’t turn the economy around in three years, he’d be looking at a one-term proposition.  We’re here to collect.

Since then, we’ve had 35 months of unemployment over 8 percent. Under this President, Americans have seen more job losses and more home foreclosures than under any President in modern history.


Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. In another era of American crisis, Thomas Paine is reported to have said, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Mr. President, you were elected to lead, you chose to follow, and now it’s time for you to get out of the way!

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