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Sångaren Farhad Darya i AfghanistanVALKAMPANJ: Valrörelsen i Afghanistan är i full gång. Och enligt amerikanska NPR (National Public Radio) har presidentkampanjen många drag som påminner om ett val i väst.

”Afghanistan’s upcoming presidential election has been looking increasingly American — with posters, rallies, Web sites and music. The country’s biggest musical star is performing a series of concerts aimed at ‘rocking the vote.'”

Artisten – Farhad Darya – drog en publik på 30000 personer i Kabul. Fördelningen mellan män och kvinnor var ungefär 50-50.

Most of the young men pumping their fists in the air on the soccer field were in Western dress, — but some are more traditional. Owl Meer, who was wearing a starched, foot-high turban, brought with him a dozen of his young friends who are from a border province in the east where the Taliban is strong.

Take that, al-Qaida!

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