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VÄLJARE | Varför gillar inte de konservativa gräsrötterna Mitt Romney? Antagligen för att man fortfarande letar efter Ronald Reagans arvtagare.

Men enligt Peter J. Boyer i Newsweek behöver ”the pichfork crowd” inte oroa sig allt för mycket.

Romney har redan anammat många av deras ståndpunkter. Han har därför inte speciellt mycket svängrum att backa om han nu väl tar sig till Vita huset.

Och skulle han backa kommer de republikanska väljarna straffa honom när det blir dags för omval. Det var vad som hände när president George H. W. Bush, trots löften om motsatsen, höjde skatten.

Men redan nu finns det likheter mellan Bush och Romney som skulle kunna förklarar den avvaktande hållningen från kärnväljare. Boyer skriver:

His problem is the same as the problem that George Herbert Walker Bush had,” says John Sununu, a Romney supporter who served as the elder Bush’s White House chief of staff. “They come from a genteel segment of society that doesn’t instinctively have the capacity of putting sharp edges on the words they use. Conservatives like sharp rhetoric and prefer to support someone with sharper elbows.”

Romney’s campaign has no particular strategy for winning over the pitchfork crowd (“Just win,” says a senior strategist. “When you win, they all love you”), beyond his positions on issues, which are at least as conservative as those of his remaining competitors. The restive base is still not sold, but that very fact may contain the seeds of Romney’s ultimate vindication on the right.


What he has to sell to the right is the idea that he is a conservative by disposition, by sensibility. Before he had any discernible politics, he devoted himself to a faith that extols family values, and the line of work he chose, for all its failings, was a full-immersion experience in free enterprise. When he took up politics, he accommodated himself enough to the realities of Massachusetts to win election (see Scott Brown’s current campaign). But he makes a plausible case that he governed as conservatively as is possible in the Bay State. He tried, vainly, to finesse the abortion issue, declaring himself a defender of Roe v. Wade, but he also recanted his pro-choice stance convincingly enough (vetoing an -embryonic-stem-cell bill) to earn the commendation of the leader of Massachusetts Citizens for Life. Sununu makes the argument that Romney governed as conservatively in liberal Massachusetts as Reagan did in liberal California (where Reagan signed a law liberalizing abortion restrictions and presided over the doubling of the state budget). “In an almost paradoxical way, Reagan, pre-governor, was more conservative than when he was a governor, and Mitt Romney as a governor was more conservative than he campaigned,” Sununu says.

Övrigt: Tidskriftsomslaget (amerikanska upplagan) och Peter J. Boyers artikel ”Mitt Romney’s struggle to convince conservatives” är från Newsweek den 6 februari 2012.

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