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USA | Hon lyckades inte bli republikanernas presidentkandidat men kan trösta sig med att ha hamnat på listan över de femtio vackraste på Capitol Hill.

Tidningen The Hill – som bevakar vad som händer i kongressen – har tagit fram sin nionde årliga lista över ”Capitol Hill’s best-looking lawmakers, staffers, and lobbyists.…”.

De tre första på ”The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People” är republikaner. Bland de tio översta finns sex stycken republikaner, två demokrater, en ”independent” och en ”libertarian”. Bachmann hamnade på plats nr 10.

Hey, hey, good lookin’,

Whatcha got cookin’?

How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?

                                  – Hank Williams

Övrigt: Hela listan finns på tidningens hemsida eller som pdf.

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USA | Sheldon Adelson har pumpat in 11 miljoner dollar till en super-PAC som stödjer Newt Gingrich. Och det är bara början.

Tills nu har han undvikit media. Steven Bertoni har dock lyckats få en eftertraktad intervju i senaste Forbes.

I den antyder han bl.a. att han kan tänka sig stödja Mitt Romney eller Rick Santorum om Gingrich inte skulle lyckas bli republikanernas presidentkandidat.

Sheldon Adelson plays as stubbornly in politics as he does in business. So the criticisms that he’s trying to personally buy the presidential election for Newt Gingrich are met with a roll of the eyes. “Those people are either jealous or professional critics,” Adelson tells me during his first interview since he and his wife began funneling $11 million, with another $10 million injection widely expected, into the former speaker’s super PAC, Winning Our Future. “They like to trash other people. It’s unfair that I’ve been treated unfair—but it doesn’t stop me. I might give $10 million or $100 million to Gingrich.”


So with Gingrich looking increasingly unviable, does that mean he’ll throw his largess behind another candidate? “If Ron Paul is chosen I certainly wouldn’t do that.” […] I know Romney; I like him. I know Santorum; I like him. … The likelihood is that I’m going to be supportive of whoever the candidate is. I just haven’t decided that yet and will wait to see what happens.”

Whomever he supports, Adelson claims he won’t pay for mudslinging. “I don’t believe in negative campaigning. […] “Money is fungible, but you can’t take my money out of the total money you have and use it for negative campaigning.” Of course, that stance ignores the fact that an avalanche of negative ads against Romney won Gingrich South Carolina, and that Adelson’s $5 million injection was the dominant source of his funding. “That’s what everybody says, but that doesn’t mean it’s true,” the billionaire says, waving his hands dismissively. “Most of what’s been written about me in this is untrue.”

Övrigt: Läs Bertonis huvudartikel – ”The billion dollar bet – i Forbes. Se även en intervju med Bertoni med anledning av intervjun med Adelson. Tidskriftsomslaget ovan är Forbes den 12 mars 2012.

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STRATEGI | Mitt Romney försöker inte längre vara alla till lags. Att våga göra sina egna anhängare besvikna är också ett sätt att visa mognad.

Romeny har lärt sig en viktig läxa från sitt tidigare misslyckade försök att bli republikanernas presidentkandidat.

Joe Klein skriver i Time:

[O]ne modification in Romney’s second campaign for the presidency has been his willingness, at times, to tell Republican audiences things they don’t exactly want to hear. He swaddles these disappointments in business expertise, attacks on Barack Obama (some justified, others fantasized) and a brisk, pleasant manner.

In pure political-performance terms, this has made Romney a much stronger candidate than he was four years ago. He seems to have discovered an ancient, buried truth of American politics: you gain credibility – you seem more real – if you don’t try to please all of the people all of the time. As with everything else Romney does, though, courage is carefully calculated, with an eye to a general-election campaign against Obama.

Övrigt: Tidsskriftsomslaget är den amerikanska editionen av Time (12 december 2011). Joe Kleins artikel är bara tillgänglig för prenumeranterna. Men Klein har också skrivit en kortare version på  sin blogg In the Arena.

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STRATEGI | Detta är Mitt Romneys andra försök att bli republikanernas presidentkandidat. Robert Draper skriver om strategin bakom valkampanjen.

Mitt Romney’s campaign has decided upon a rather novel approach to winning the presidency. It has taken a smart and highly qualified but largely colorless candidate and made him exquisitely one-dimensional: All-Business Man, the world’s most boring superhero.


The spin Romney himself puts on his minimalist approach is that after nearly four years of nonstop campaigning, “people know me pretty well.” And yet the unintended signal sent by his narrow casting is that the less said about Mitt Romney, the better. Obama’s strategists ran an entire presidential campaign through the affecting tapestry of his own narrative. Romney — who has written two books, both scantily personal — maintains an uneasy distance from his own life story, steeped as it is in privilege, Mormonism and the murky art of political compromise. His avoidance of these subjects does not mean that they will go away, only that his opponents will have an opening to frame them as they wish.

Still, it may well be that this strategy of underwhelming force ends up fitting perfectly with a pervasive sense of disillusionment with the once-dazzling Obama. In the aftermath of failed romance with the One, perhaps the electorate will come to settle on Mitt Romney as the One Who Won’t Break Your Heart.

Övrigt: Tidskriftsomslaget är The New York Times Magazine, 4 december 2011.

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