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ALLA VALKAMPANJER har sin beskärda del av professionella politiska konsulter. Men dessa rådgivare har inte alltid haft den stjärnstatus som de har idag.

Craig Shirley beskriver bl.a. i sin bok Rendezvous With Destiny hur det hela tog sin början, men också hur vardagen ser ut för de allra flesta i en presidentvalskampanj.

Political-operatives-as-celebrities were a new phenomenon in politics. It had taken off in 1976, starting with the media’s love affair with [Jimmy] Carter’s aides and certified characters Hamilton Jordan and Jody Powell. The two made the cover of Rolling Stone. Behind the scenes were hundreds more, however, who toiled in anonymity for their candidates, including the personal assistants. (s. 174-175)


Staffers were expected to work 24/7, and most ailments to be handled by taking two aspirin. Going to emergency room or staying home sick were options of last resort. You had better know, as pro athletes did, the difference between pain and injury. What couldn’t be fixed with something out of the campaign’s medicine cabinet – or coffee, alcohol, or tobacco – would have to wait until after the election.

Arriving at the campaign office late, say after 7 A.M., or leaving early, say before 10 P.M., was not only frowned upon, it could get you fired. There were people who would give their eyeteeth to work on a presidential campaign for little money. Both campaigns had filing cabinets bulging with résumés of eager, passionate, young supplicants willing to be treated like dirt as long as they got a start in politics.

If you were on the road, tardiness meant the plane or motorcade would simply leave you behind. You’d have to catch up on your own, then sheepishly explain how you had screwed up. Toward the end of the campaign, clean underwear became an option for young men. Some simply and repeatedly turned theirs inside out. It was all splendidly ludicrous. (s. 455)

Övrigt: Tidskriftsomslaget ovan är Rolling Stone den 19 maj 1977. På deras hemsida kan man se trettioåtta av tidskriftens omslag med politiska teman. 

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