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Scarfes bar London

Även Jeremy Corbyn är välkommen till Scarfes Bar i London.

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Scarfes Bar ad - Biris Johnson

Londons borgmästare Boris Johnson i Gerald Scarfes annons för Scarfes Bar i London (publicerad i The Spectator 12 september 2015).

Mer: På @ScarfesBar finns en annan av Scarfes teckningar av borgmästaren.

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cigarettes-7 (1)

Campaign 88





Vintagecollectorguy skriver:

“Trim Reducing-Aid Cigarettes “curb your appetite” presumably with the tartaric acid they contain. Now there’s a concept! They’re from Cornell Drug Corp., 1958. And here’s something else that will curb your appetite: Michael Dukakis For President! That’s right, folks, as late as 1988 our beloved politicians were “smoking for victory.” To the right is an interesting vintage pack of Bravo filter kings.”

Läs mer: Om cigaretter och tobak hos ericwrobbel.com

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Absolut Vodka Absolut London

Bild: Reklamen ”Absolut London” från Absolut Vodka. Se mer här och här.

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Absolut Vodka - The Politician

Bild: ”The Politician” i reklamkampanjen ”In an Absolut World” från Absolut Vodka, 2007.

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Old Crow Whiskey ad

Andrew Jackson bjuder sin vän Martin Van Buren på bourbon. Reklamen säger inget om någon av herrarna vid tillfället var president. Texten lyder:

Andrew Jackson entertains his friend Martin Van Buren

Andrew Jackson, the great “Hero of the Plain People” enjoyed the pleasant ways of life. To distinguished guests like Martin Van Buren, he proudly displayed his personal liquor chest. Jackson’s decided preference for Old Crow is reported in a 19th Century newspaper.

Taste the Greatness of


America’s Preferred Bourbon

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Radio Free Europe - Sure I want tof fight Communism - but how

Bild: Annons från juli 1955. Text:

”Sure I want to fight Communism – but how?”

Your “Truth Dollars” fight Communism in it’s own back yard – behind the Iron Curtain. Give “Truth Dollars” and get in the fight!

Support Radio Free Europe

Send your ”Truth Dollars” to CRUSADE FOR FREEDOM c/o your Postmaster

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