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PORTRÄTT: Peter Baker  porträtterade Rahm Emanuel – ”the provocative and profane White House chief of staff” – i ett marsnummer av The New York Times Magazine.

Emanuel är president Barack Obamas förtrogne och Vita husets politiske chefsstrateg. ”Emanuel tells colleagues that the outsider brand represents Obama’s most powerful asset, and protecting it is Emanuel’s top political priority.”

He is the bête noire of conservatives who see him as the chief architect of Obama’s big-government program and of liberals who consider him an accommodationist who undermines the very same agenda. The criticism has been searing and conflicting. He didn’t work enough across party lines. He tried too hard to work across party lines. He pushed for too much. He didn’t push for enough. The crossfire underscores his contradictions — how can Emanuel be so intensely partisan without being all that liberal and so relentlessly pragmatic without being bipartisan? And just as salient these days, how can he be so independent-minded and still remain loyal to a team operation? (…)

Emanuel wants to jam a wedge into the fissure inside the Republican Party between, as he frames it, the descending wing that believes in small government and the ascending wing that believes in no government. Republicans lose, in this theory, whether they cooperate with Obama or not. “We’ve got to drive the ball at them,” a senior White House official told me. “Driving the ball at them, making them pick between small government and no government, putting them in their responsibility-and-accountability box. You walk away? You’re walking away from responsibility, and the public’s angry at you. You participate? Your base hates you.”

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MEDIA: Trots segern med sjukvårdsreformen har president Barack Obamas administration haft stora problem att hantera media. 

Team Obamas briljanta kommunikationsförmåga under presidentvalskampanjen har inte förvandlats till en lika lysande förmåga att kommunicera från Vita huset. 

En intressant analys av problemen kan man läsa i en essay – Non-stop News – av Ken Auletta i tidskriften The New Yorker.

As criticism of the President has escalated, the Administration has at times seemed affronted by the impertinence and the haste of coverage. ”This White House does expect a fairly deferential press”, Jonathan Weisman, the Wall Street Journal’s White House correspondent, said. ”They are fairly thin-skinned. Of course, all White House s are. But in the Bush White House there was an expectation that they would not get a positive press. I suspect that the positive press Obama got in the campaign shaped his perceptions.”

Även Andrew Stephen – ”US Editor” för New Statesman – har skrivit om problemen i Vita huset;

We are witnessing a self-annihilating battle between Obama the Candidate, largely the creation of 55-year-old David Axelrod, the cynical, dream-peddling public relations man from Chicago who is unhappily ensconced as a ”senior adviser” in the White House, and Obama the President, as exemplified by the ruthless and pragmatic [Vita husets chief-of staff Rahm] Emanuel, a Washington insider who also served as a senior adviser in the Clinton administration 17 years ago before becoming a congressman himself (also representing Chi­cago, incidentally).

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