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PR | Daniel J. Edelman, grundare av PR-firman Edelman, avled den 15 januari i år. Mannen och hans livsverk beskriv i en ny bok av Franz Wisner.

The Economist (som varit en av Edelmans klienter) skriver:

He had always considered PR a superior, more honest and nuanced business than advertising, and feared that acquisition by an advertising-dominated group such as WPP or Publicis would crush its spirit—the fate, as he saw it, of its old rivals when they were bought by Madison Avenue’s Mad Men.

Nowadays, although public relations is hardly without its critics, Mr Edelman’s view of the merits of PR relative to advertising is much more widely shared, though never as enthusiastically as four decades ago, when Charlie Lubin, the founder of Sara Lee, said that thanks to Mr Edelman, his PR budget was worth 1,000 times more than his advertising budget. Those were the days.

Övrigt: Mer om firmans historia och Wisners bok Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations finns på Edelmans hemsida.

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