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matt-frei1VITA HUSET: Matt Frei som till helt nyligen var BBC:s Washington korrespondent återger i Only in America följande ordväxling när han helt kort presenterades för president Bush vid 2003 års julfestligheter i Vita huset;

When I was finally face to face with POTUS [President of the United States] and FLOTUS [First Lady of the United States] I started the conversational ball rolling by asking him about his recent state visit to London.

George Bush: ‘I was real pissed!’

Matt Frei: ‘Sir?’

GB: ‘Yes, pissed!’

MF: ‘How so?’ (wondering if I had just heard the leader of the free world swear like a fishwife).

GB: ‘Because the demonstrations against me were smaller than the demonstrations in favour of fox huntin’. I thought I deserved better than a dead fox, don’t you?’

MF: ‘Quite.’

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