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Pat Oliphant den 30 december 2009

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TIDSANDAN: Rod Liddle på The Spectator har fokuserat på något som är väldigt typiskt för vår tid.

Allt fler springa omkring och känner sig kränkta över andras åsikter och ståndpunkter.

”Pretty much every day in your morning newspapers you will find somebody, somewhere, calling for a public apology and a sacking and preferably a prosecution for the crime of having said something which the complainant did not agree with, or failed to find funny (there are a lot of people who find nothing whatsoever funny), or which hit some sort of nerve which made him or her take offence. The ability to shrug off stuff we find offensive and move on has apparently deserted us; we have become preternaturally sensitive to almost everything. And it diminishes the freedom of speech and thought.


Today, every grievance must be given weight, no matter how deranged the complainant. And I wonder if this may be a consequence of continual legislation to protect the sensibilities of some of our more touchy and vulnerable communities. If, for example, we enact legislation that makes it a crime to disrespect Islam (and without wishing to provoke, I do disrespect Islam), then we are opening up the door to people who will seek legal redress when their ludicrous beliefs are disrespected, when the things which they hold dear are made fun of. And the courts seem to agree with this fragile sensibility; last week a judge decided that one man’s belief in global warming was akin to a religious conviction and that his views were to be respected no matter how ludicrous they might be.”

Yttrandefriheten riskerar att inskränkas när alla är rädda att uttala en tanke bara därför att det alltid finns någon som kommer att kan känna sig ”kränkt”. Och media är sällan sena att spela med och skapa opinion när någon känner sig trampad på tårna.

Politisk korrekthet i kombination med dumhet är en farlig kombination. Speciellt när det är de folkvalda som böjer sig för denna dumhet.

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