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PMQ – premiärministerns frågestund – fyller 50 i år. Första tillfället var under Harold Macmillan när ledaren för oppositionen hette Hugh Gaitskell.

Michael White, The Guardian, skriver:

Everyone hates prime minister’s question time. At least they often say they do. How much they mean it is another matter. In its current form (more or less) PMQs has now survived 50 years, almost exactly as long as Private Eye, another great national institution routinely accused of not being what it used to be.

Backbench MPs arrive at Westminster determined not to join in the gladiatorial shouting match their constituents say they so dislike. Then they see old hands on the other side cheering their own leader for a good retort and loyalty kicks in. Voters? They deplore schoolboy antics, but complain whenever lapses into sobriety, let alone statesmanship, make PMQs look like an elite fix or, worse, boring.


”This is still the arena that sets the heart beating a little faster. And, if it is on occasions the place of low skulduggery, it is more often the place for the pursuit of noble causes,” Blair told MPs before they rose – Tory MPs included – and clapped him out of the chamber where he had dominated and infuriated for a decade in power.

Övrigt: Se några höjdpunkter från de senaste årens frågestunder samlade av New Statesman. 

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