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POLITIK: Politisk PR kan inte bli mer basic än valaffischer i en valrörelse. Här nedan är några av de posters som Labour tog fram för valrörelsen 1945.

This poster was ninth in a series designed by Phillip Zec for the Labour Party during the 1945 general election. Zec had been the Daily Mirror cartoonist during the war and was appointed by Labour’s Campaign sub-committee. He designed the poster in 24 hours and, as a Labour supporter, refused to take any payment for his work.

The poster was designed to encourage women to discuss the election and postwar politics with their husbands, fathers and sons still serving in the forces. By voting for the promise of a better postwar Britain, they would help Clement Attlee’s Labour Party to ‘Win the Peace’.

Den mest kända valaffischen är ”V”. Denna affisch bygger på krigsårens slogan ”V for Victory”.

”John Armstrong designed this poster for the 1945 general election campaign. The ‘V’, from the wartime slogan ‘V for Victory’, towers over an idyllic vision of England. The houses look clean and modern, in contrast with slums and bomb-damaged houses that were the reality for many.

This is the most famous of a series 15 of posters produced for the election, and was the only one designed by Armstrong. He refused payment for the poster design, seeing it as his election contribution.

Labours landslide victory in 1945 enabled them to introduce many significant reforms, from nationalising various industries to establishing the National Health Service (NHS).”

Läs mer: På People’s History Museum kan man läsa om respektive affisch och dess bakgrundshistoria.

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