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Kennedy Omega

Omega citerar John F. Kennedys ”We choose to go to the moon” i sin reklam för deras Speedmaster (”The first and only watch worn on the moon”).

På bloggen The Pop History Dig har man skrivit om marknadsföringen kring klockan:

The image and words of John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, were used in a 2009 advertising campaign to sell Omega Speedmaster watches.  JFK’s image is there, big as life, as seen in the sample magazine ad copy at right that ran in the August and September 2009 editions of Wired magazine, among others. […] The magazine and TV spots were created around the 40th anniversary of the American landing on the Moon and the Apollo space program that Kennedy initiated.

Still, in the Omega ads, Kennedy is the all-important center of attention. No, he doesn’t endorse the product; doesn’t say anything remotely connected to a watch, although a watch is clearly shown. Kennedy’s presence in the ad, however, is quite enough. It’s an endorsement by association, which is obviously what Omega intended. In fact, the company says as much in an April 2009 press release: “Omega is basing a worldwide campaign for its iconic Speedmaster chronograph watches around a photograph of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.”

Längst ner i vänstra hörnet av annonsen står ”Learn more by visiting the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum at http://www.jfklibrary.org”

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