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NEWS CORP. | För två år sedan såg hela Rupert Murdochs medieimperium ut att vara hotat. Idag står han starkare än någonsin.

Bloomber Businessweek den 22-28 april 2013

I juli 2011 var han tvungen att inför en panel av parlamentsledamöter svara på förödmjukande frågor om den telefonavlyssning man ägnat sig åt på bl.a. News of the World.

Bara dagarna innan hade man tagit beslutet att lägga ner tidningen.

Men idag har Sun on Sunday – Murdochs senaste publikation i Storbritannien – fler läsare än konkurrerande söndagstidningar.

Felix Gillette, Bloomberg Businessweek, skriver:

“We started off with phone hacking, and along the way the business of police corruption, long suspected, also came out in the public,” says Claire Enders, the founder of the London-based media research firm Enders Analysis. “These issues have grown and grown without there being any commensurate damage. It’s simply unbelievable.”

Today, Murdoch survives at the helm of a global entertainment and publishing company that, far from being diminished, has soared in value. The day before Murdoch appeared in Parliament, the stock closed at $14.96 a share. On April 12 it closed at $31.54. The company is now valued at $73 billion. Revenue and earnings are up. The company has $3.3 billion in cash. Since July 19, 2011, the Murdoch family’s 38 percent stake of News Corp. Class B voting shares has grown in value from $5.1 billion to $9.5 billion.

Given his track record, it should come as no surprise that Murdoch has slipped away. “Time and again when his plans have gone awry and he has found himself facing calamity, his superb survival skills have saved him,” the Australian journalist Neil Chenoweth wrote in a biography of Murdoch published in 2002. “Just before he hits the wall … he feints this way and that, and then he sets off with undiminished speed in a new direction. This is Murdoch’s genius: not that he gets into a jam, but that he is able to walk away afterward, an implausible winner.”


“The big win for Murdoch is that as much coverage as it got in the U.S., the crisis didn’t jump the Atlantic,” says [advokaten och krishanteraren Richard] Levick. “They were able to cordon it off as largely a British story.”

In February 2012, seven months after closing News of the World, Murdoch rolled out a new Sunday version of his daily tabloid the Sun—effectively reoccupying the niche his company had made such a big deal of leaving. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulations, between September 2012 and February 2013, the Sun averaged 2.3 million daily readers—significantly more than its closest rivals, the Daily Mail (1.8 million readers) and the Daily Mirror (1 million). Over the same time period, the Sun on Sunday has averaged 1.9 million readers, topping its competitors, the Mail on Sunday (1.7 million) and the Sunday Mirror (1 million). Murdoch’s papers may not be as popular as they were before the crisis, but, then again, few newspapers are.

The first half of the Leveson Inquiry—the government’s investigation into the press’s role in phone hacking—has come and gone. The second laborious chapter, which will focus on the role of the police, will take place at some later date. Meanwhile, Murdoch remains the most read publisher in the U.K.

Bild: Tidskriftsomslaget är Bloomberg Businessweek den 22-28 april 2013.

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SKANDALEN kring Rupert Murdoch och nedläggningen av News of the World riskerar att få långvariga politiska konsekvenser.

Time Magazine

Premiärminister David Cameron och Tories har tappat cirka fem procent enligt en opinionsundersökning som publicerades den 20 juli. Det är knappast ointagliga siffror.

De politiska konsekvenserna av avlyssningsskandalen kommer kanske snarare att bli av en annan karaktär. The Economist skriver:

A more realistic dread for Mr Cameron than an outright breakdown of trust with his electorate is that the hacking furore will paralyse public life for an indefinite period. The prime minister had to cut short a trip to Africa to take charge at home. Parliament, due for its summer recess, was recalled for a day. Mr Cameron’s unveiling of his white paper on public-service reform on July 11th was ignored. In Sir Paul [Stephenson] and Mr [John] Yates, Britain has lost an acclaimed Met commissioner and its most senior counter-terror officer, just a year before the Olympic games turns London into an even bigger terrorist target than usual. The broad inquiry launched by Mr Cameron, led by Lord Justice Leveson and featuring former journalists and media regulators, could bog government down for months. Criminal trials of the main actors, such as Mr Coulson, could do the same.


Slickness, evasiveness and proximity to media elites have always been part of the Cameron brand—he spent seven years as a public-relations adviser, after all. That voters probably had lower ethical expectations of him to begin with could, perversely, help him now.


Mr Cameron has been mocked for his crisis management, but this misses the point. He generally thrives in a crisis; his Commons performance was not the only backs-to-the-wall triumph in his career. But his complacency—the dark side of his vast self-belief—makes him hopeless at avoiding crises in the first place. This year he has ditched bad or unpopular policies on health care and crime that were cooked up while he was paying scant attention last year. Similarly, he probably hired Mr Coulson not through any amoral calculation but because he did not think through the risks involved.

Tidskriftsomslagen ovan är från Time (”Tabloid Bites Man”, 25 juli 2011), Newsweek (”Rupert’s Red Menace” och ”How We Broke the Murdoch Scandal”, den 25 juli 2011), Bloomberg Businessweek (”Murdoch’s Mess”, 18 juli 2011) och The Economist (”Last of the Moguls”, 23 juli 2011).

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UNDER LÖRDAGEN publicerade Rupert Murdochs helsidesannonser i nationella tidningar där han ber om ursäkt för avlyssningsskandalen. Och ber den gamla räven om ursäkt vet vi att det är kris på riktigt!

Lisa O’Carroll på The Guardian har tittat på hur Murdoch så här långt har försökt hantera krisen med News of the World.

Full-page apologies in national newspapers, the departure of two of his most trusted lieutenants and a face-to-face meeting with the family of murdered teenager Milly Dowler herald a fresh tack in Rupert Murdoch’s campaign to get a grip on the phone-hacking crisis.


Whatever his motivation it marks a considerable volte-face for the 80-year-old who only two days ago went on the offensive pronouncing he had handled the crisis ”extremely well in every way possible”.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday he went on the attack, claiming the damage to the company was ”nothing that will not be recovered” and that only ”minor mistakes” had been made in the last fortnight.

Now it’s a different story – contrition is the order of the day. 

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ED MILIBAND har krävt att David Camerons agerar med anledning av att hans stabschef Ed Llewellyn tydligen blev varnad för att inte anställa Andy Coulson som kommunikationschef p.g.a. hans agerande under tiden som redaktör på Rupert Murdochs News of the World.

Avlyssningsskandalen rullar vidare men en sak är dock ur världen för Cameron. Murdochs mediekoncern News Corporation har nämligen meddelat att man nu drar tillbaka sitt bud på satellitkanalen BSkyB. Affären skulle ha krävt den brittiska regeringens godkännande.

Andrew Sparrow på The Guardian summerar premiärministerns frågestund så här:

Ed Miliband has accused Cameron of making a ”catastrophic error of judgment” when he gave Andy Coulson a post in Downing Street. At PMQs, Miliband accused Cameron of ignoring warnings his staff had received from the Guardian about Coulson. Cameron claimed the Guardian warning ”contained no allegations directly linking Andy Coulson to illegal behaviour, it didn’t shed any further light on the issue of phone hacking so it wasn’t drawn to my attention by my office”. In response, Miliband said Cameron ”just doesn’t get it”. Cameron replied that Miliband did not get it. ”What the public want us to do is address this firestorm,” Cameron said. ”They want us to sort out bad practices at the media, they want us to fix corruption in the police, they want a proper public inquiry. And they are entitled to ask: when these problems went on so long, for so many years, what was it that happened in the last decade?”

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EFTER 168 år kom News of the World  – ”edition number 8674” – ut för sista gången idag. Tidningen publicerades för första gången av John Browne Bell den 1 oktober 1843. Tidningen gick över från ”broadsheet” till tabloidformat 1984.

Man kan bläddra digitalt i sista utgåvan på tidningens hemsida. Här kan man även titta i en specialutgåva med fyrtiosex omslag från åren 1910-2011. Även The Guardian har ett bildspel kring tidningens historia.

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SÖNDAGEN den 10 juli kommer News of the World ut för sista gången. Tidningen läggs ner efter 168 år. 

En av vår tids största tidningsskandaler har redan fått till konsekvens att Andy Coulson – premiärminister David Camerons tidigare Director of Communications – har arresterats av polisen. Tidningen anklagas bl.a. för att under Coulsens tid som redaktör ha hackat sig in på en rad personers mobiltelefoner. 

Övrigt: Se fler omslag från fler kvällstidningar och morgontidningar runt om i världen.

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LONDON: Premiärminister David Camerons kommunikationschef lämnar 10 Downing Street.

Genom att själv bestämma tidpunkten har Andy Coulson begränsat skadan för regeringen.

När Coulson var redaktör för News of the World avslöjades att tidningen ägnat sig åt telefonavlysning av en lång rad kändisar inkl. kungliga familjen.

När Coulson lämnade redaktörskapet plockades han snabbt in i teamet kring Cameron. Men de kontinuerliga avslöjandena från tidningsskandalen har fortsatt att vara en belastning för både premiärministern och för regeringen.

Den tidigare ministern Denis MacShane krävde tidigare att premiärministern skulle komma till parlamentet och göra ett uttalande med anledning av avgången.

We’re being informed by television that Mr Andy Coulson, one of the most important figures in Her Majesty’s government and one of the closest aides to the Prime Minister – is now resigning.

As the House is sitting, I believe it would be appropriate for the prime minister to come to the Commons to explain why this is happening and give the public the full details here in the House of Commons, rather than bury this news on a day when, frankly, there’s an awful lot of other news taking place.

Coluson har brutit mot kardinalsregeln att en spin doctor aldrig själv får bli huvudnyheten. Det är därför logiskt att han nu tvingas bort från sin roll som premiärministerns rådgivare.

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