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SYDAFRIKA | En av de mindre kända aspekterna av Nelson Mandelas liv var hans intresse för sport och då i synnerhet boxning.

Nelson Mandela adopts a boxing pose, circa 1950 --Picture Keystone-Hulton Archive-Getty Images

I boken The Long Walk to Freedom skrev Mandela:

I did not enjoy the violence of boxing so much as the science of it. I was intrigued by how one moved one’s body to protect oneself, how one used a strategy both to attack and retreat, how one paced oneself over a match.

Det ligger nära till hands att anta att hans erfarenheter från tiden som tungviktsboxare även kom till användning när han gav sig in i politiken och sedan formade strategin kring ANC:s gerillakrigsföring.

Som ännu en kuriositet kan nämnas att Mandela även har hyllats med den fem meter höga stålskulpturen ”Shadow Boxing”.

Skulpturen av Marco Cianfanelli är baserad på ett foto från 1957 där Mandela sparrar med den professionella boxaren Jerry Moloi.

Bild: Nelson Mandela cirka 1950 (Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images).

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PRESIDENTENS kampanjstab har länge beklagat att Michelle Obama har velat hålla en låg profil i Vita huset. Detta kan låta otroligt med tanke på att det inte går en dag utan att hon syns i media.

Men nu skall det bli ändring. På henne välbevakade PR-resa till Afrika fick hon t.ex. även till en träff med Nelson Mandela. Detta trots expresidentens sviktande hälsa.

Lois Romano på Newsweek skriver:

Her husband is entering his reelection bid battling rough economic headwinds, against a GOP energized by the successes of the 2010 mid-terms. Barack Obama will need every ounce of his wife’s considerable star power—she’s polling 20 points ahead of her husband—to win reelection. Although the full-throttle campaign is still months away, Michelle is already traveling the country fundraising.


So reluctant has Michelle been to raise her profile that it’s been easy to forget what a ferocious asset she was in the 2008 campaign. Toward the end, thousands of people were pushing into her rallies, shoving babies at her for photos, and mimicking her J.Crew clothes.

Coming off that huge success, Michelle startled the political establishment when she announced that she would limit her public appearances so she could tend to her family. […] The president’s strategists say privately they would have liked her to do some heavier political lifting over the past two years, but that she’s not someone who can be pushed.


Meanwhile, outside allies and advisers have encouraged Michelle’s staff to push the envelope beyond her two signature issues—childhood obesity and helping military families—and raise her profile.


It is a move in the direction toward more substantive exposure, but still shy of embracing the traditional public role that some would like to see.

First ladies essentially step into these unpaid jobs with no official duties and work to carve out an agenda that at best dovetails with the president’s—or at least doesn’t get in his way. History shows that finding the right issues and tone can be a tricky effort. Nancy Reagan was viewed as a vapid California socialite until she latched onto her signature “Just Say No” campaign to discourage teenage drug use. By contrast, Hillary Clinton drew harsh criticism for leading her husband’s failed drive to reform health care. Michelle has come across as neither the doe-eyed adoring wife nor the intense political adviser. But she has been fully engaged in shaping her own image and goals.

Övrigt: Ovanstående tidskriftsomslag är majnumret 2010 av Condé Nast Traveler. Det var första gången tidskriften haft en First Lady på omslaget. Ett annat exempel på medias stora intresse var när linslusen Oprah Winfrey för första gången inte var själv på omslaget till sitt O, The Oprah Magazine. Hon delade på utrymmet med just Obama.

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