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KÄNDISAR: Även den mest ointresserade slipper inte undan alla kändisar. Speciellt inte när det rör sig om namn som Paris Hilton eller Britney Spears.

Speciellt svårt blir det när en PR katastrof – äkta eller konstruerad – briserar i media. Plötsligt är kändisarna överallt. Den senaste i raden är golfstjärnan Tiger Woods.

Neal Gabler i Newsweek har funderat kring varför dessa kändisar spelar en sådan framträdande roll i våra liv – vare sig vi vill det eller inte. Ingen tycks gå fri från kändisarna och deras förehavanden.

[W]e have invented celebrity and latched onto it because celebrity does a better job of giving us what traditional art and entertainments once gave us before they became too enervated to surprise us or we became too jaded to be surprised. By the same token, in a symbiotic turn, many protagonists of celebrity narratives have become sophisticated enough to realize that they could recast their narratives as a way of sustaining their own celebrity, turning their life into their work. One will never know how much of Michael Jackson’s eccentricity was a way to keep his narrative (and his celebrity) going (…).

[C]elebrity narratives today are so effective, so ubiquitous, and so vigorous that they overwhelm virtually every other entertainment and art form, even the ones in which entertainers originally made their names. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, to use just one example, are far better known for their life together than for the films they make (…). One might even say that their lives are such a big entertainment that their films are now a product of their celebrity rather than a source for it, to the point where their celebrity narratives can actually obscure their work, making it harder for an audience to accept them as the characters they play. (…)

Since celebrity is a narrative in the medium of life, it requires magazines, newspapers, television shows, and perhaps most especially the Internet to promote it—a service these media happily perform and from which they get great residual benefits.

And so today we are gripped by Tiger Woods’s story, and when his disappears, as it eventually will, another narrative will arrive and then another and then another, ad infinitum.

En nog så deprimerande slutsats. Men ett Eldorado för PR konsulter.

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