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REPUBLIKANERNA och demokraterna var båda snabba att skylla på varandra när Standard & Poor nedvärderade USA:s kreditvärdighet för första gången någonsin.

Invånarna i tio kongressdistrikt från Kalifornien till New York kommer nu att få automatiska telefonsamtal s.k. ”robocalls” från National Republican Congressional Committee.

Här är ett exempel på hur det kan låta:

Hello, I’m calling from the National Republican Congressional Committee, 320 First Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, 202.479.7000, with an important recorded message about your Congressman Jason Altmire. Jason Altmire continues to oppose a Balanced Budget Amendment that would force Washington to live within its means. Jason Altmire and his fellow Democrats’ addiction to big government spending has led to a downgrade of America’s credit rating and a dramatic loss in the global markets that could force you to pay more for everyday expenses. While Jason Altmire keeps standing in the way of real fiscal reform, middle-class families in Pennsylvania could now see a loss in retirement savings while mortgage rates, car payments and student loans could become even more expensive. Call Congressman Jason Altmire at 202-225-2565 and tell him to stop his reckless borrowing spree. Paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

Se mer: Jämför med de automatiserade telefonsamtal som Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee godkände med anledning av avtalet mellan partierna om skuldtaket.

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