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RECEPT | Om man inte kan leva som en Kennedy så kan man åtminstone äta som en Kennedy. Här är John F. Kennedys favoritrecept på våfflor.

John F. Kennedy's favorite waffles

När National Archives firade ”National Waffle Day” släppte man denna lilla godbit från Kennedy Library.

½ cup butter

1 tablespoon sugar

2 egg yolks

7/8 cup milk, or one cup buttermilk

1 cup and one tablespoon of sifted cake flour

1 pinch salt

2 stiff beaten egg whites

4 teaspoonfuls baking powder

Cream butter and sugar; add egg yolks. Beat. Add flour and milk alternately. This may be done at any time. When ready to bake, fold in egg whites and add baking powder.

Mixture should be thick and fluffy. Bake and serve with hot maple syrup and melted butter.

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