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UNDER LÖRDAGEN publicerade Rupert Murdochs helsidesannonser i nationella tidningar där han ber om ursäkt för avlyssningsskandalen. Och ber den gamla räven om ursäkt vet vi att det är kris på riktigt!

Lisa O’Carroll på The Guardian har tittat på hur Murdoch så här långt har försökt hantera krisen med News of the World.

Full-page apologies in national newspapers, the departure of two of his most trusted lieutenants and a face-to-face meeting with the family of murdered teenager Milly Dowler herald a fresh tack in Rupert Murdoch’s campaign to get a grip on the phone-hacking crisis.


Whatever his motivation it marks a considerable volte-face for the 80-year-old who only two days ago went on the offensive pronouncing he had handled the crisis ”extremely well in every way possible”.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Friday he went on the attack, claiming the damage to the company was ”nothing that will not be recovered” and that only ”minor mistakes” had been made in the last fortnight.

Now it’s a different story – contrition is the order of the day. 

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