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VAD FÖRVÄNTAS av någon som är gift med en amerikansk presidentkandidat? I en valkampanj lämnas inget åt slumpen. Inte ens hur frun går, står och agerar.

Michelle Cottle i Newsweek skriver:

A political spouse should be poised and gracious and able to smile benignly for 16 hours straight while wearing pumps and panty hose in 100-degree heat. She should make frequent mention of how much she cherishes her role as wife and mother. And she should strive to look the part. Pretty is a plus. Sexy is a no-no. Packaging is key. Says Republican strategist Mark Corallo, “They have to be really well dressed to avoid the criticism of the elite, but they have to have a very, very down-to-earth sense of style that will not offend the average American.” […]

In other ways, the job has grown more punishing as wives grapple not only with a relentless media but also a raft of competing, if not outright conflicting, imperatives. Projecting spousal support is key, but one cannot afford to come across as too Stepford. Even Laura Bush, the most traditional mate of any president (or even nominee) since her mother-in-law, didn’t simply give White House tours and host luncheons. She traveled abroad to promote causes; she gave interviews and speeches […] Although Laura hadn’t held an outside job in years, people constantly referenced her days as a librarian and second-grade teacher.

Övrigt: Ovanstående tidskriftsomslag är från den amerikanska editionen. Den europeiska versionen är betydligt fantasilösare.

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