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POLITIK | Med annonskampanjen ”Political Face Swap” vill Social Economy Alliance uppmuntra politiker att tänka annorlunda.

Churchill-Gorbatjov --Social Economy Alliance

Winston Churchill – Michail Gorbatjov

Thatcher-Che--Social Economy Alliance

Margaret Thatcher – Che Guevara

Reagan-Castro--Social Economy Alliance

Ronald Reagan – Fidel Castro

Tankesmedjan vill att politikerna skall tänka bortom de traditionella vänster-höger argumenten som man anser bara vill framhäva motsättningar mellan företagande och samhället i övrigt.

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DOKUMENT | Det var sovjetisk media som var först med att döpa Margaret Thatcher till Järnladyn. Det var ett smeknamn som Thatcher gärna tog till sig.

The Spectator, 20 april 2013

Att hon var en Iron Lady visar de protokoll som Kreml upprättade över samtalen mellan Thatcher och Michail Gorbatjov.

I en artikel i The Spectator har Pavel Stroilov översatt delar av samtalen. 

M. Thatcher: The Soviet Union is committed to the doctrine of world domination of communism, the Brezhnev doctrine… Of course, it is only natural that we should have ideological battles, but that should be done in a proper way. What we see is communism seeking to dominate everywhere. Look at Yemen, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Angola, Nicaragua, Cuban forces in some African states. And what about Vietnam? As soon as they got rid of the American troops, they would not turn to their domestic problems, but instead invaded Cambodia. And what about Afghanistan? That is why we say that the communist foreign policy is aimed at world domination.

There have been impressive developments in the Soviet Union recently. It is interesting to see whether those developments will affect the foreign policy. If not, we will have to take this into account… I very much hope that if you succeed [in your reforms], that would also change your approach to the idea of world domination of communism…

Gorbachev hotly denied that the Soviet Union sought world domination and attacked Thatcher’s ‘way of thinking’ as belonging to the 1940s and 1950s.

Thatcher protested that all her examples of communist wars and revolutions were recent. She attacked the Soviets for their arms supplies to the Sandinista dictatorship in Nicaragua (who used them for the civil war), to Gaddafi (who then resold those weapons to Iran) and to Syria (who ‘supported terrorism all over the world’). She was quite open with Gorbachev about her distrust:

M. Thatcher: It is only natural for us to be suspicious about a system which restricts the freedom of its own people… The Soviet troops had no hesitation before invading Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, and now Afghanistan. So why would you hesitate before invading anywhere else?

M.Gorbachev: So that is what the ‘bloody Russian bear’ is up to!

M.Thatcher: I simply want you to know how we feel. We were once mistaken about your plans in Czechoslovakia. We thought you would not invade because that would damage your prestige in the world. Yet we were mistaken. We do not want to repeat that mistake.

M.Gorbachev: And what about your actions in the Falklands? What about the French actions in Chad?

M. Thatcher: The Falklands are a British land populated by the British. It was invaded, and we removed the invaders…I have given you more recent examples which make us mistrust communism. Vietnam invaded Cambodia in 1979. You sent troops to Afghanistan and this wrecked the ratification of the START-2 treaty.

Bild: Tidskriftsomslaget är The Spectator den 20 april 2013.

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