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TAL | “He’s damned good”, var president John F. Kennedys kommentar när han hört Martin Luther Kings tal på TV.

Time 26 augusti-2 september 2013

”I Have a Dream” har sedan dess varit måttstocken för politiska tal i USA.

Clarence B. Jones, som var Kings talskrivare, berättar i Time om vad som hände på podiet den där dagen i Washington D.C. den 28 augusti 1963.

I’m standing on the platform about 50 feet behind him, and he is introduced by A. Philip Randolph in this sonorous voice: “At this time, I have the honor to present to you the moral leader of our nation. I have the pleasure to present to you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.” The place goes crazy! I mean it’s just like an explosion of approval. I’m looking at the audience as he’s looking at them. Then as he’s speaking, Mahalia Jackson, who had performed earlier on the program and who was his favorite gospel singer, interrupted him: “Tell’em about the dream, Martin. Tell’em about the dream.”

I’m watching him from the back. He takes the text of the speech that he was reading, and he moves it to the side of the lectern. And then he grabs both sides of the lectern, and I say to the person standing next to me – whoever that was – I said. These people don’t know it, but they’re about ready to go to church.

Tidskriftsomslag: Time den 26 augusti – 2 september 2013.

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