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FRONT PAGE | Den 9 oktober 1959 hade The Guardian rubriken ”Conservatives bring off the hat-trick” på sin framsida.

The Guardian Friday 9 October 1959

Detta året tog Conservative Party sin tredje raka valseger. Harold Macmillan blev ny premiärminister.

The Guardian – tidigare Manchester Guardian – visar på sin hemsida fler av sina framsidor med anledning av valen i Storbritannien mellan åren 1945-2005.

Framsidan hade också en kort notis om Margaret Thatcher som detta år tog plats i parlamentet.

It supplements the returns available up to 3am with a projection by ‘the Ferranti Pegasus computer, in a special service for the Guardian’. Pegasus reckoned the Tories would manage 368 seats; in the end they only got to 349. The third column, after the double-column lead, offers hopes of a Liberal revival – Jeremy Thorpe had won North Devon, the first seat they had gained at a general election since 1950, although by the end of the night that would be balanced with a loss. Feeling at party HQ was that the results ‘provided a solid base on which to found Mr Grimond’s programme of overtaking Labour as the principal Opposition in time’. A box in the right-hand column welcomes the first new woman member of the new parliament: ‘a barrister, Mrs M. Thatcher’

Bild: The Guardian den 9 oktober 1959.

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