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RICK PERRY har köpt Mitt Romneys strategi. Attacker mot Barack Obama istället för mot de republikanska motståndarna skapar en image av ledarskap.

Detta är en utmärkt video. Skaparen är kanadensaren Lucas Baiano. Under 2008 jobbat han för Hillary Clinton och John McCain. Nyligen var han engagerad för Tim Pawlentys presidentkampanj innan han anslöt sig Perrys team.

Michael Scherer, Time, skriver:

Obama is in for a hard year on television. The quotes that Baiano selects from Obama, boasting to economic improvement that never lasted, will be, I would guess, ubiquitous next year, especially if the economy remains in its current rut. The White House and the Obama campaign simply don’t have an answer, beyond blaming the Europeans and the Japanese earthquake. The issue here is not whether Obama deserves credit for the great recession–he doesn’t. It’s whether he has properly handled the recovery. And when you are caught making predictions that don’t come true, playing a confidence game that never comes to pass, there tend to be consequences.

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