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PHILIP GOULD, Lord Gould of Brookwood, en av arkitekterna bakom New Labour och en av Tony Blairs viktigaste rådgivare. avled den 6 november av cancer.

Med resultaten från sina ständiga opinionsundersökningar och fokusgrupper såg han till att Labour inte glömde bort allmänhetens synpunkter när politiken skulle formas.

I en minnesruna i The Guardian skiver Lance Price, f.d. medierådgivare åt 10 Downing Street, följande:

Gould offered something that every prime minister craves, but few get in sufficient measure. He provided a swift and frank assessment of where public opinion stood on any particular issue at any particular time. And he gave his advice wholly unvarnished. He was never tempted to tell his political masters what he thought they wanted to hear, rather than what, in his judgment, they needed to hear.

Above all, he thought they needed to hear the views of those who were not traditional Labour supporters but who contributed to the party’s huge majority in the 1997 general election. Winning and maintaining their support was his self-proclaimed mission in life. To those who accused Labour of being too readily influenced by the wealthy, the City, the small-c conservatives and the celebrities, Gould was the answer. He kept the party in touch with the opinions of a much more representative segment of British society, the hard-working majority.


Private opinion polling was nothing new, but the systematic use of focus groups – small, representative samples of a target section of the electorate brought together and questioned at length – was. By the time of the 1987 election, Gould was conducting both kinds of survey at least once a day.


Gould was always an advocate of change, an uber-moderniser for whom no reform of policy or procedure was too radical. It ensured him a place at the heart of Blair’s inner circle, but just as surely condemned him in the eyes of those who believed Labour’s purpose and very soul were being systematically destroyed.

Läs mer: I sina sista intervjuer berättade Gould för The Guardian och The Statesman bl.a. hur hans syn på politik och religion förändrades under sjukdomen.

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