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SENASTE Mother Jones handlar om spin, lögner och halvsanningar som politisk strategi. ”Politicians have always lied. But now they’re carpet-bombing the truth.”

David Corn, tidskriftens byråchef i Washington, skriver om republikanerna;

In the spring of 2009, as the titanic fight over President Barack Obama’s health care proposal was beginning, […] a confidential 28-page report […] suggested that they use a particular phrase: ”Government takeover of health care.” And they did. Again and again, for the entire months-long debate. During one Meet the Press appearance, Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), then the House minority leader, referred to Obama’s plan as a ”government takeover” five times (without once being challenged).

It was a clear falsehood. Obama’s system relies on private insurance and the market—especially after he abandoned a public option—albeit with additional government regulation. […] Yet the line stuck.


This was significant: It established a foundation for the right’s counterattacks—including the 2010 congressional elections, the ongoing effort to repeal or curtail the law, and the burgeoning 2012 campaign.

Övrigt: Illustrationen på tidskriftsomslaget är av Eddie Guy.

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