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KRÖNIKÖR | Den roligaste samhällskritiken hittar man idag hos Rod Liddle i hans veckokrönika i The Spectator.

Till skillnad från många andra är han oförutsägbar. Mannen kan tänka själv och har en förmåga att se det absurda hos både vänstern och högern.

Och har man dessutom Shakespeares språk som arbetsverktyg så har man också automatiskt vissa fördelar när man skriver.

I sin senaste krönika svingar han mot politikerskrået generellt.

I suppose it is largely our fault that most politicians are mentally ill. We eviscerate them daily and one assumes that some of the poison eventually seeps through and begins to affect their central nervous systems. Being held up to ridicule for their incompetences, being dependent for their livelihoods upon the whims of idiots, and being forced to speak in a language from which all real meaning has been excised obviously takes its toll. I have been reading the diaries of that strange former minister Edwina Currie — a woman with whom I share virtually no political conviction but who I have nonetheless always rather liked as a person. She is definitely mad. I don’t mean this in an unkindly manner; it’s just that to read her diaries is a little like being led into a place where orderlies in tunics remove your bootlaces and you have to ask for a nurse to light your cigarette.


Edwina’s madness is the more common one, that of self-delusion, the bizarre (to us) notion that she is right about everything and absolutely brilliant, like the elderly chap wired up to a drip in the boobyhatch who thinks he is the Duke of Wellington. At one point in Edwina’s book, wrapped up in some rage, she howls about how Margaret Thatcher kicked her out of the cabinet after the controversy over the alleged salmonella infection of eggs — something else Edwina got wrong. And does she howl! And then concludes by saying: ‘Ah well, I’ve made a success of my life since, which is more than can be said of Mrs T herself, and so many other people.’

To write that, I would argue, you have to be quite mad.


Perhaps this is why they go mad so easily, that they are forced to spout stuff all the time which they know full well to be rubbish – and is not believed by the vast majority of the electorate.

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