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MEDIA: Premiärminister David Camerons director of communications Andy Coulson misstänks för att ha sanktionerat avlyssning av politiker, kungligheter och kändisar när han var redaktör på News of the World.

Den gamla skandalen har satt regeringen under hård press sedan historien fått nytt liv efter nya avslöjanden The New York Times Magazine.

”For decades, London tabloids have merrily delivered stories about politicians having affairs, celebrities taking drugs and royals shaming themselves. Gossip could end careers, giving the tabloids enormous power. There seemed to be an inverse relationship between Britain’s strict privacy laws and the public’s desire to peer into every corner of other people’s lives. To feed this appetite, papers hired private investigators and others who helped obtain confidential information, whether by legal or illegal means. The illicit methods became known as “the dark arts.” One subspecialty involved “blagging” — getting information by conning phone companies, government agencies and hospitals, among others.”

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