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ALLIANSER | En jämförelse mellan småpartier i olika koalitionsregeringar visar på intressanta strategiska vägval.

Småpartierna inom Alliansen har mer eller mindre accepterat att leva i skuggan av Moderaterna. Man hoppas att respektive ansvarsområde inom regeringen skall räcka för valframgångar.

Medan man i Sverige har anammat denna sitta-stilla-i-båten-strategi har Liberal Democrats i Storbritannien valt det diametralt motsatta.

I den konservativa-liberala koalitionen i London är det liberaldemokraterna som är minst. Och precis som småpartierna i Alliansen har man svårt att imponera på väljarna när allt fokus är på premiärminister David Cameron och Tory partiet.

James Forsyth, politsik redaktör på The Spectator, skriver:

Stoking this ill-feeling is the Liberal Democrats’ public negotiating strategy. Nick Clegg’s office has decided that it is imperative they show the public that they are fighting their corner in government, standing up for what they believe in. But to the Tories this is an immature way to do business. They complain that the Liberal Democrats’ megaphone diplomacy forces everyone to take public positions early and makes compromise impossible, turning coalition into a zero-sum game.

The Liberal Democrats are unapologetic about their new approach. For the first time in ages, they are enjoying themselves. It is as though the more they wind up the Tories, the more fun they have. They boast that they are making all the intellectual running on the Budget with their plans to cut taxes for low-paid workers by raising taxes on affluent savers. One senior Liberal Democrat remarks that this ‘might be the tail wagging the dog. But at least somebody is wagging something’.

This pre-Budget briefing is a particular source of Tory irritation. After all the leaks that surrounded last year’s autumn statement, the Tories secured an agreement to limit the number of people able to attend the most important meetings. This has been adhered to. But the Liberal Democrats are, to Downing Street’s fury, still using those known to be close to Clegg to make their Budget case.

Övrigt: Artikeln och tidskriftsomslaget är från The Spectator den 25 februari 2012.

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