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Det har varit vaktombyte på Winston Churchills Chartwell. Katten Jock VI har tagit över Jock V.

Personal intygar att Jock ”takes afternoon naps, eats tuna and lounges on Persian rugs at the house.”

The Churchill Centre skriver:

A changing of the guard took place this past month as Jock VI succeeded Jock V as the official feline of Chartwell Manor, Winston Churchill’s country home near Westerham, Kent. Churchill dearly loved animals and had many pets during his long life including dogs, cats, birds, pigs horses and sundry other creatures. His last pet was an orange tabby cat given to him as a birthday present in 1962 by his long-time private secretary Sir John ”Jock” Colville and thus named for the giver. Churchill asked that there should always be such a cat residing at Chartwell. The National Trust, which took over the property after Churchill’s death in 1965, has always honoured the request. The purrfect arrangement continues to surprise and delight visitors.

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LONDON: Slow news day. Istället tar vi ännu en titt på katten Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

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LONDON: Katten Larry har utsetts till förste råttfångare på 10 Downing Street. Inofficiell titel är Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

Han anställdes efter att råttor vid minst två tillfällen fångades på bild vid nyhetssändningar utanför premiärministerns residens.

Men Larrys första offer var en reporter:

The cat lashed out at ITV News reporter Lucy Manning , scratching her four times before leaping to the floor and making a run for it.

Clearly not in the mood for any further attention, he then hid under a table – ignoring repeated calls to emerge.

Lite kattologi från Downing Street:

Kring 1920 hette katten Rufus of England men kallades för Treasury Bill.

På 1930- och 1940-talet: Munich Mouser

På 1970-talet: Wilberforce

Från 1989 till 1997: Humphrey

2007: Sybil

2011-: Larry

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