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RON PAUL uppfattas ofta som republikanernas motsvarighet till flumvänstern inom Democratic Party.

Som libertarian är han för legalisering av heroin, anser att de amerikanska delstaterna har rätt att träda ur federationen och att alla stridande amerikanska trupper skall dras tillbaka till USA.

Varför kom han då tvåa i republikanernas ”straw poll” i Iowa? Till skillnad från många andra libertarianer är han också motståndare till aborter. Detta bidrog starkt till hans framgång.

Kasie Hunt på Politico skriver:

[T]he most important piece of Paul’s Iowa operation was outreach to the social conservatives who play such a critical role in the state’s Republican electorate.

“The missing link for us, the outreach to evangelicals, which is so key to South Carolina and the south — we’re filling it,” said [senior Paul strategist Doug] Wead […]

Paul’s campaign, he said, is usually “identified with the cause of liberty…[but] there is something that precedes liberty and that is life,” he said, launching into a graphic story about watching an abortion while he was doing an OB/GYN rotation in medical school. “The prime reason that government exists in a free society is to protect liberty, but also to protect life. And I mean all life,” Paul said.

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