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NYHETER: En ny tidning – i – lanseras i Storbritannien. Eller som man själva uttryckte det: ”The first quality newspaper to be launched in Britain for almost 25 years”.

Brought to you by the award-winning team at the Independent, it’s not only a new paper, but a new kind of paper. Colourful and accessible, concise and intelligent, it’s your essential daily briefing. Packed with news, views, entertainment, business and sport, it’s the perfect way to start your day. And at a much more affordable price than a cappuccino.

En lite mer försiktig första analys levererar Juan Antonio Giner:

My only concern is that ghetto newspaper don’t work. You will never succeed patronizing women with women sections and young readers wit newspaper for young people.

And I have very serious doubts about the final results of flashy newspapers or readers for “non readers”. Young people read and write more than ever. So it’s not a question of design (let’s scream!) or short or long news and stories, but a question of content, content, content. The new gewnerationd don’t read our traditional newspaper just because their interests, lives, passions, opinions, feelings and concerns are NOT reflected in our pages.

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