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ARTIKLAR | Här kommer lite långläsning med fokus på president Barack Obama, vicepresident Joe Biden och guvernör Mitt Romney.

New York, 10 oktober 2012

Joe Biden Isn’t Finished av John Heilemann

Air Force Two will be safely at cruising altitude before he brings his retort in for a landing with a one-fell-swoop dismissal of the Twitterverse, the blogosphere, the hot-eyed Foxified yakkety-yak-yakkers, Romney, Ryan, and, in a way, himself: “I don’t think this has a single little effect on voters.”

Time, 8 oktober 2012

The Mormon In Mitt av Jon Meacham

Observers have long sought clues to Romney’s character and worldview in his Mormonism. There is the optimistic salesmanship, the blindingly pure family values, the can-do spirit. In many ways Romney is Reagan with children who speak to him, a cheerful leader who has a mystical appreciation of the role America is meant to play in history.

Harper’s Magazine, september 2012

The Changeling – The Content of Obama’s Character” av David Samuels

Who knows but that, on the lower frequencies, he speaks for me, for you, for all of us? An educated, intelligent man, he is the very model of the roommate that every good liberal parent in Park Slope or Santa Monica prays that their son might bring home from college. He is proof of how it is possible to live the good life in America without ceasing to be a good person. Intimately acquainted with ambivalence, he pulled the trigger on Osama bin Laden while bringing our boys home from the deserts of Iraq.

Compromising Positions” av Thomas Frank

Let us review. Barack Obama, who was lifted to the presidency four years ago on a great wave of progressive fantasy, likes to say that the national budget is like a family budget: that when times are tough, government has to tighten its belt. This is a Republican simile of very long standing, and the president is a Democrat. He is in fact the leader of the party that is supposed to believe in deficit spending during hard times. Yet Obama has enthusiastically adopted the belt-tightening trope, and all the terrible ideas that go with it.

Tidskriftsomslagen: Biden fotograferad av Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photo. Fotot på Time av Dan Forbes. Kevin Sprouls illustrerade Harper’s Magazine.

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TIDSKRIFT: Washington Post Company har meddelat att Newsweek är till salu.

Förra året försökte man förnya nyhetsmagasinet genom att ändra inriktning bort från ”breaking news” till mer provocerande – ofta vänsterinriktade – kommentarer och ämnen.

Vad är anledningen till tidskriftens problem? Enligt Peter Preston beror det på följande;

Why, as Newsweek‘s editor, Jon Meacham, complained recently, is The Economist bounding to more than 800,000 sales in the States when it doesn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting of sending reporters to wars? And why is The Week, no more than a superior cuttings job, now topping 500,000 with ease? (…)

Before mass television, before satellite printing and long before the internet, it needed news magazines to set a national agenda and provide a common framework of fact and perception. It needed Time and then its slightly more liberal competitor, Newsweek.

But now the national agenda rasps away on cable 24/7. Now the facts are familiar and the perceptions old hat by the time they drop on the mat. Now readers don’t want to be told what’s happened in the past seven days, but how it fits and what to think about it. They need analysis and context, in short: not old, broken news. They need The Economist.

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TIDSKRIFTER: Konkurrensen från Internet drabbar inte bara morgontidningar. Sviktande reklamintäkter har även tvingat tidskrifter och magasin att se över sina överlevnadsstrategier.

Nyhets- och veckomagasinet Newsweek har dragit ner på antalet anställda med 160 personer till 400.

Som ett led arbetet har Newsweek fått en rejäl makeover. Design och innehåll har förändrats och tidningen försöker inte dölja att nu siktar in sig på en mindre mer välbärgad läsekrets än tidigare.

Kathleen Deveny (Assistant Managing Editor);

Advertisers are seeking more targeted demographic groups. We will drop our guaranteed circulation from 2.6 million to 1.5 million by next January. We will focus on a smaller, more devoted, slightly more affluent audience. Over time, we will increase subscription prices.

Nya Newsweek kommer nu i huvudsak villa på ”the reported narrative” och ”the argued essay”.

Redaktör Jon Meacham förklarar tankarna bakom denna nya inriktning;

The Internet does a good job of playing the role long filled by newspapers, delivering headlines, opinions and instant analyses. Many newspapers have long been forced into a traditional newsmagazine model, with longer-form reporting and more big-picture thinking, but they still have to do it every day, and there is only so much wisdom one can summon in a few hours. As we see it, NEWSWEEK’s role is to bring you as intellectually satisfying and as visually rich an experience as the great monthlies of old did, whether it was Harold Hayes’s Esquire or Willie Morris’s Harper’s, but on a weekly basis.

Med andra ord mindre ”breaking news” och mer resonerande reportage och essayer som gör att tidningen kan kosta på sig att analysera dessa dagshändelser i efterhand.

Nya Newsweek skall försöka positionera sig mellan de traditionella veckomagasinen (”gamla” Newsweek, Time, U.S. News & World Report) och månadsmagasin som Harper’s Magazine och The Atlantic Monthly.  

Om konceptet blir framgångsrikt lär vi få se framöver. Än så länge ser det lovande ut även om de flesta läsare verkar besvikna.

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