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IMAGE Alla utgår ifrån att ingen kan stoppa Hillary Clinton om hon bara vill bli demokraternas nästa presidentkandidat.

Picture-Tweet from Ready for Hillary 11 june 2014

Joe Klein i tidskriften Time är inte lika säker:

Most Democrats think that she’ll not only waltz to the nomination but also crush anyone the Republicans put up, except maybe Jeb Bush – and hasn’t the Bush family saga become a moldy oldie over the decades?

But wait a minute. Aren’t the Clinton approaching their sell-by date too? Aren’t Americans about to become tired of their personal and policy baggage and retinue of overcaffeinated too-loyal aides spewing talking points on cable news?

It can and will also be argued that the Clintons are out of touch with millennials and their handheld virtual society, out of touch with the growing populism of the Democratic Party, too closely aligned with Wall Street and untrammeled free trade, too hawkish, too closely aligned with an unpopular incumbent President.


Some presidential campaigns are about inevitability. Others are about energy. The best have both, but it’s rare: inevitability tends to crush energy. It makes candidates cautious.


That is probably the ultimate argument against Clinton. She can be prohibitively ”political” and far more cautious than she needs to be. The trouble is, presidential campaigns can’t be managed like book tours. They tend to be overwhelmed by events and trivialities. There is a constant gotcha contest with the press. In a Recent Politico article about Clinton and the press, one of her advisers is quoted: ”Look, she hates you. Period. That is not going to change. ”To make things worse, her top communications adviser Philippe Reines, argued that Clinton didn’t really hate the press. She brought bagels to the back of the bus. But bringing bagels to the back of the bus is an embarrassingly transparent ploy. Bringing candor to the back of the bus might be a little more successful. I’ve seen her candor more than once, but always off the record. That will have to change. If Hillary Clinton hopes to succeed, she’s going to have to drop the veil-spontaneously, quite possibly in a crucial moments, like a debate-and trust the public to accept who she really is. Absent that, there is no such thing as inevitability.

Bild: Ready for Hillary PAC. Tweet den 11 juni 2014.

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USA | Rick Santorums tillkännagivande att han inte längre tänker fortsätta sin valkampanj kommer att göra livet lite lättare för Mitt Romney.

”We were winning in a very different way because we were touching hearts. We were raising issues that, well, frankly, a lot of people didn’t want to have raised.”

Så sammanfattade Santorum sin kampanj. Men skall man vara noggrann tillkännagav han inte formellt att han drar sig ur valkampanjen utan bara att han tillsvidare skjuter upp (”suspends”) valarbetet.

I vilket fall som helst bör Newt Gingrich och Ron Paul knappast kunna utgöra något riktigt hot mot Romney.

Vad dessa två möjligtvis kan göra är att skada Romneys möjligheter att besegra Barack Obama genom att förlänga valkampanjen och fortsätta med den hårda retoriken. Vilket i sig inte är ett osannolikt med tanke på allt ont blod som flutit under valkampanjen.

Det finns inget demokraterna skulle önska sig mer än ett fortsatt inbördeskrig bland republikanerna. Varje attack riktat mot Romney tar Obama närmare att bli återvald.

Brian Knowlton, International Herald Tribune, skriver:

Rick Santorum said his daughter’s illness prompted him to halt his fight for the Republican nomination, making Mitt Romney the near-certainty to challenge Barack Obama. Rick Santorum, the former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania who had risen from the bottom of the Republican presidential polls to become the prime challenger to Mitt Romney, suspended his campaign on Tuesday, almost certainly making Mr. Romney the party’s nominee for the election on Nov. 6.


 ‘‘We were touching hearts,’’ Mr. Santorum said. ‘‘We were raising issues that frankly a lot of people didn’t want to have raised.’’

He said that he wanted to be a ‘‘witness’’ of what Americans were living through, and help be an ‘‘interpreter’’ to provide them a voice.


By suspending rather than formally ending his campaign, Mr. Santorum can continue to raise money, file for federal matching funds and keep himself available in the wings, should something unexpected derail the Romney campaign.

Despite a succession of earlier primary victories that had kept his hopes alive, Mr. Santorum’s prospects of winning the nomination had grown increasingly slim, and his campaign faced both personal and political challenges.

Bella, 3, who suffers from a chromosomal disorder, had been hospitalized twice — most recently over the weekend — and Mr. Santorum was also facing the possibility of losing the primary on April 24 in his home state, where polls show a tight race.


Analysts said that his full-throated criticism that Mr. Romney would be a weak candidate against Mr. Obama — because he had supported an Obama-like healthcare program in Massachusetts — had been some of the most telling arguments leveled against the former governor.

Mer: Läs också Joe Kleins förvånansvärt respektfulla beskrivning av Santorums valkampanj på hans blogg In the Arena. Bild: Urklippet och citerade texten från International Hearald Tribune den 11 april 2012.

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STRATEGI | Mitt Romney försöker inte längre vara alla till lags. Att våga göra sina egna anhängare besvikna är också ett sätt att visa mognad.

Romeny har lärt sig en viktig läxa från sitt tidigare misslyckade försök att bli republikanernas presidentkandidat.

Joe Klein skriver i Time:

[O]ne modification in Romney’s second campaign for the presidency has been his willingness, at times, to tell Republican audiences things they don’t exactly want to hear. He swaddles these disappointments in business expertise, attacks on Barack Obama (some justified, others fantasized) and a brisk, pleasant manner.

In pure political-performance terms, this has made Romney a much stronger candidate than he was four years ago. He seems to have discovered an ancient, buried truth of American politics: you gain credibility – you seem more real – if you don’t try to please all of the people all of the time. As with everything else Romney does, though, courage is carefully calculated, with an eye to a general-election campaign against Obama.

Övrigt: Tidsskriftsomslaget är den amerikanska editionen av Time (12 december 2011). Joe Kleins artikel är bara tillgänglig för prenumeranterna. Men Klein har också skrivit en kortare version på  sin blogg In the Arena.

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VEM BLIR republikanernas presidentkandidat? Delta i lite Baracketology och gissa utgången med tidskriften Time.

Omslaget till den amerikanska upplagan kan fyllas i och skickas in till tidskriften. Här kan man försöker gissa hur republikanernas primärvalskampanj kommer att avlöpa.  Man kan även göra det via nätet på www.time.com/gopbracket.

Omröstningen är redan igång och libertarianen Ron Paul leder med 62,7 % mot 23,2 % för Mitt Romney. (Anhängarna till Ron Paul är kända för att kunna mobilisera när det gäller den här typen av aktiviteter.)

För den som vill ha en bra sammanfattning av kandidaterna och deras ideologiska inriktning kan läsa Joe Kleins ”Outsiders vs. Insiders: The Struggle for the GOP’s Soul”.

Baracketology är tidskriftens metafor för Joe Kleins artikel. Om nomineringsprocessen skriver Klein:

It won’t be a stately procession from Iowa to New Hampshire to South Carolina to Florida this time. It will look more like the NCAA basketball tournament, only with two instead of four brackets: the Iowa bracket, which will feature the social-conservative and populist candidates like Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum — and perhaps Sarah Palin and Texas Governor Rick Perry; and the New Hampshire bracket, which will feature more-moderate candidates like Romney and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman, focused on the economy. Some, like former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, will try to finesse the brackets and play in both, but they are likely to be pulled gravitationally toward one or the other vision of how to win the nomination — Iowa or New Hampshire, populist pitchforkery or center-right plausibility.

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