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TERRORISM: Bland fundamentalistiska islamister har kvinnor fått en allt större roll som propagandister.

En av de mest framträdande muslimska propagandisterna för Al-Qaeda säger i en intervju med The New York Times;

It’s not my role to set off bombs — that’s ridiculous. I have a weapon. It’s to write. It’s to speak out. That’s my jihad. You can do many things with words. Writing is also a bomb.

Den amerikanska militären rapporterade 2008 att antalet kvinnliga självmordsbombare hade ökat men att det var just rollen som PR-agenter, lärare och propagandister som dessa kvinnor nu alltmer bidrar i terroriströrelserna.

The authorities have noted an incre ase in suicide bombings carried out by women — the American military reports that 18 women have conducted suicide missions in Iraq so far this year, compared with 8 all of last year — but they say there is also a less violent yet potentially more insidious army of women organizers, proselytizers, teachers, translators and fund-raisers, who either join their husbands in the fight or step into the breach as men are jailed or killed (…)

The changing role of women in the movement is particularly apparent in Western countries, where Muslim women have been educated to demand their rights and Muslim men are more accustomed to treating them as equals.

I Newsweek skriver Christopher Dickey;

It’s worth remembering that the widow of a man who kills himself or is killed in combat often gains status from her late husband’s ”martyrdom.” One famous bride of a member of Al Qaeda’s inner circle, Rabia (formerly Robyn) Hutchinson, is an Australian convert to Islam who’s had so many husbands that one former CIA agent reportedly calls her ”the Elizabeth Taylor of the jihad.” Others, more charitably, call her ”the matriarch of radical Islam.”

Medan männen är ute och sprider död genom terrorism och självmordsbombningar tar kvinnorna på sig rollen som ”folkupplysare” och spridare av lögner och propaganda.

Med andra ord agerar man kvinnliga varianter av Joseph Goebbels som var propagandaminister i Adolf Hitlers Tredje Riket.

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