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BARACK OBAMA är på bussturné. Officiellt är det ett presidentevenemang och inte en del i hans återvalskampanj. Men ingen låter sig luras av sådana teknikaliteter.

“President Obama discusses ways to grow the economy, strengthen the middle class and accelerate hiring during his economic bus tour across the Midwest”, skriver man på Vita husets hemsida.

”President Obama wants to hear from Americans about how national economic policies are affecting life in your communities”, skriver Colleen Curtis på Vita husets blogg.

Alexis Simendinger på RealClearPolitics har en lite annorlunda vinkling:

The region of the country that has seen a measurable improvement in employment in the last year is the Midwest, according to government statistics, and President Obama is heading there today through Wednesday.


When an Iowa-based reporter asked [Agriculture Secretary Tom] Vilsack, the former Democratic governor of Iowa, why Obama didn’t take a bus tour through the South — where rural communities are experiencing unemployment rates higher than the 9.1 percent national average — the secretary said the president’s policies are helping rural areas in the Midwest and the South, and are applicable nationwide.

Maybe so, but it just so happens that the economic statistics are somewhat brighter in two of the three states the president will visit, and his political chances in 2012 appear rosier in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois than they do in many parts of the South — or even in other Midwestern states he will not see on the bus tour, including Indiana and Ohio.

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HISTORIA: Ronald Wilson Reagan föddes den 6 februari 1911 i Tampico, Illinois. Och det är 22 år sedan Reagan, landets 40:e president, lämnade Vita huset. Runt om i USA firar man minnet av honom.

 Så här skriver president Barack Obama om honom i USA Today:

Ronald Wilson Reagan was a believer. As a husband, a father, an entertainer, a governor and a president, he recognized that each of us has the power — as individuals and as a nation — to shape our own destiny. He had faith in the American promise; in the importance of reaffirming values like hard work and personal responsibility; and in his own unique ability to inspire others to greatness.

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